Need Advice ASAP-Rooster Rescued Sunday-Possibly Injured

catherine_in_jasper(7)June 7, 2009

Hello -

Is anyone online to offer advice? I live back in a wooded area and a rooster has wandered up. I can't reach them or anyone else.

I finally managed to catch him, because I was concerned about his safety and he had literally a horde of flies tormenting his rear end and maggots too, so I couldn't just bear to do nothing while he suffered. They were 'so loud' that I was in disbelief. When I went inside for towels to catch him in he disappeared into the brush, and all I had to do was listen for the fly uproar in order to find him.

He was very hungry eating the wild bird seed I threw for him. I caught him in a towel, and wearing rubber gloves, have gently water sprayed down his entire rear area trying to get the thousands of fly larvae off. After awhile, I still couldn't get them all off (having only two hands, plus holding his neck gently so he wouldn't get away, although he was very cooperative). I didn't want him to get shock, not knowing how exhausted he might be. I then smeared swat, a fly repellent wound treatment as best as possible. But there's no blood or open wound per se, just that clot of maggots and stuff. Something's wrong somewhere, causing it.

I didn't see anything that from my knowledge of pet birds, horses, and mostly dogs and cats would cause those flies to have taken hold. But - I know zero about a rooster's hind end and have never seen one underneath the feathers. What I did see looks nothing like the pet birds, macaws, cockatoos, smaller birds I've had, which is basically dry skin and then the opening.

Trying to say it delicately, I am worried because he has a large, dark moist (slimy-ish) area visible during the bathing that is the area the maggots were covering. Or else they're inside?? and coming out and latching on there. What is causing the fly and maggot nest? It's horrible! I want to do something, but what?? I could never leave an animal like that.

So now he's in a wire dog crate open to the ground for safekeeping until I hopefully hear from who I think owns him. They have a batch of chickens and roosters that hang out near the road. I went out to check on him and give him more food and water. After washing off everything loose, and there was stuck in the feathers what looked like a bunch of sawdust, but may have been tiny maggots - I don't know - the maggots are all back covering that large rear area, so the flies are back as well.

He has had some relief from the bath and treatment. For sure - I truly cannot afford a vet bill unless it's a genuine emergency, and then that means taking money away from my dog who is waiting for a harmless tumor to be removed as soon as the more urgent bills are covered.

*What is going on with that fly business?? Is he suffering from the flies like I imagine he was?

He appears fine in the shade in the crate, pecking at the ground. I will go take him so more food after I post this. But something sure isn't right.

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Well, I've just found a blog page with pictures that look like him from a distance with the bald rear end part:

Here is a link that might be useful: See similar color and feather loss here

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ok I will try to help - it is rather lenghy so if you do not want to do this-you should try and get him back to his owner--here it goes: Using warm water you will need to flush and clean him up getting all the maggots off of him, once you do that you can use hydrogen proxide with a syringe w/o a needle, as it will bubble out bits and pieces you can't see. Do you have any iodine? if so, you can mix it with warm water making a iodine tea and using the syringe, again w/o the needle flushing the wound that you should be able to see-flush it well. (iodine will kill the bacteria), You will need to dry the area really well and then do you have any ointment like stuff for blow flies or I think it is called blue cote? do you have any anti pick lotion or livestock lotion that dries to a blue film? if not, you can use unpasterized honey and pack the wound with honey. you will have to keep him isolated and keep a close eye on him.

This is the very best that I can do--I really hopes this helps you. Sorry I can not think of anything else. It could be that it is so serious that you will have to take him to the vet so that he can be treated-this could turn into a blood infection that will kill the poor rooster-again I am sorry.


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Nelda -

You are very kind to try to help. The problem is, this is not a wound, per se. I believe now after thought that it is some kind of tumor growth, black and slippery. I have since found out that he is very elderly and was 'given' to some other people a week ago. He was very weak and near death. I can say candidly, the people who had this poor fellow are very, very poor and would not bother further, I am certain. In fact they would think it think it nuts to spend this kind of time and effort, whereas I would do it without question.

The wife of the original couple I thought owned it came down and took him back home for her husband to assess when he gets home - as they have chickens and roosters and grew up with them. She had seen him a week ago and so knew his story.

She agreed his future was dismal if returned to those folks and we both agreed euthanasia might be a kindness, however regrettable, because there is something really unhealthy going on with that tumor in an elderly bird. It would be a mercy for him to no longer have to suffer the misery of the flies bombarding him. The people who had this fellow would put him in a small cage with no attention - I just couldn't have that; it would be excruciating for this handsome fellow to go out that way. The poor guy was very weak from his days lost in the woods and no doubt the mild, gentle handling was even a strain, but he just laid in my arms in the towel and was then just lying looking very near death, and was becoming cool to the touch. This afternoon in the yard he was lying in a huddle looking very near death, as well. It was all just too much for him, it seems.

I am very sad about this whole thing, but I can take a small solace that he will not long be suffering the flies and tumor complications, and will not linger painfully in a small cage with no relief. I spent some time stroking him and telling him he was a good boy and a fine fellow before putting him in the cage for her to take to her husband. So he had kind words and a caring touch at the end, more than many or most roosters, probably. (Can you tell I'm a vegetarian?)

If her husband, more of an expert, feels optimistic about him, I'll post the resolution.

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

I'm sorry I do not have anything but sympathy to add. I am not familiar with any condition like what you've described. I hope that you are able to help this rooster, or give him the kindest end if that's what's necessary. Sorry you've been presented this challenge.


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Thanks, Johanna, for sharing my sympathy for this poor fellow. But honestly, I was up to the challenge and glad to do some small part. Trying to see something hopeful in it, if he was 'given away' because he was sick, perhaps it might not have been such a bad ending compared to what it might have been. He had a week of freedom in the woods, a good meal, water and bath, gentle handling, encouraging words, and kindness at the end. And someone who cared. More than just myself, I can tell from the heartfelt responses.

He was really, really feeble and limp as I put him in the car. I'll definitely post it if there is good news.

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catherine_in jasper,

I am sorry, I was hoping that I would be of some small measure of help-I am sorry that you had to go through with that. Thank you for replying and I am glad that he found you in the end to care and love on him even if it was just for a little while.


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Nelda, you were a big help. In fact, I am saving your extremely useful instructions for medical treatment because that is something people need to have on hand.

I know, I wish all animals and people could transition with compassion. Maybe he'll meet me at the Rainbow Bridge one day, with all my beloved animal companions, who knows?

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I stopped by today and he is doing much better, resting on grass in the shade safe in a pen with corn and fresh water. He had been running around some, but naps heavily and frequently. In the meantime, she had put fly strips on the pen and had sprayed the pen itself. There were barely any.

Because he got loose for awhile when she got home and ran around full of life, it was worth waiting to get a daylight assessment. The husband said it looked like an old injury perhaps that had scarred over, and that the cycles of maggots had to complete coming out while stopping new flies from laying. They were going to do a peroxide wash and continue with the fly control.

He is definitely old and sick, but he is not suffering now like he was. But like yesterday, he has his moments when he'll run, then he's so worn out he naps like he's about dead. The condition has worn his body down.

I'll post news as I get updates from them.

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Poor old roo. Glad you were able to help him.

Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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