WANTED: 1-3 fertile duck eggs

lslaudsJune 25, 2008

Hello, I have a Pekin who has laid some eggs and only one is acceptable for hatching. I hate hatching only one because I believe they need a buddy. I live in the St. Charles area of Missouri. I will accept anything besides Mallards/Muscovys/Runners. I will accept mallard mixes though.

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vinnyc(7 LINY)

I have two khaki campbell ducks and one drake, so I assume the eggs they lay are fertile, although I've never tried to hatch them. they are incredibly good layers, an egg apiece a day year round. I could ship you some to try hatching if you want.

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What would they approximate shipping time be? Also, where are you located?

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vinnyc(7 LINY)

I am in NY. PO could get them there in two or three days if I sent them priority mail.

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