Broody chicken

happy_fl_gardenerJune 18, 2010

Last year my neighbor gave me 7 chickens that were almost egg laying age. One of the best laying chickens turned broody in mid-April. There are no roosters so no chicks will ever hatch. When the egg breaks that she is laying on she will sit on one of the other chicken's eggs. I let her have only one to sit on so as not to waste too many eggs.

The chickens live in a 10' x 10' coup with an opening that leads to a 10' x 16' fenced play area. I can't do free range due to too many predators, which includes my dog.

I thought about buying a couple of chick at the local feed store but the owner said that my area is too small.

Is there something that I should be doing or just let her sit in that nest box week after week? (The nest box is a strip of 5 openings.)

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you'll need to get her some fertile eggs or break her set. If you put her in a coop or cage with a wire floor where she can't keep her body fever to set she'll be ready to go back into the hen house in about 3 or 4 days.
Once she's eating well and not setting on the coop floor all the time her set is broken. If you don't break her set, she'll stay until she either has babes or starves to death.
If you can get some less than 2 day old chicks and slipped them under her at night, she'll raise them and you can always give them away when they are grown if you don't have room.
good luck

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simpleme ---- Can I break her set by putting her in a large dog crate minus the sold plastic tray? I have one of those and I wouldn't have to buy anything. The broody chicken's comb is laying down and is a pale color. I really do believe you when you say that she may die if I don't do something.

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yes, that is exactly what I use. Put it on a cement, gravel floor or someplace that is not comfy and she can't maintain her body heat. Once she's in there she'll begin to eat and drink and give her about 3 days and then put her on the roost at night...I'm always breaking them, I have about 20 that will set and I can never find homes for the babes and don't have room for them. Works for me all the time...

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simpleme --- I would like to thank you very much for your advice on how to "break" a broody chicken. Your method worked perfectly!

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that's what this forum is all about. And I'm very glad to have been helpful.....

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