Duck egg laying question.KEEP in or???

goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))June 18, 2010

Ok ive had my little flock now and done reasonably well.Three ducks have hidden from me and hatched nice ducklings although thats NOT what we were aiming for. We have a duck house for night complete with nesting boxes. A 12X12 chainlink is around that(COVERED) but My husband lets them out first thing in the morning. They have taken to making nests in bushes and against the garage etc,which is how we ended up with ducklings.In other words they hide the eggs. We didnt mind finding the eggs elsewhere but now the blue jays and crows are helping themselves to fresh eggs EVERY day. We are feeding and caring for these ducks we at least want the eggs. Would keeping them in the house or fenced area longer help? We love them to free range and enjoy the pond but this is getting crazy.

What is a reasonable time of day to let them out so they will lay inside the pen?


This crested mama parades her babies all over and refuses to come into our shelter. She houses them in heavy brush and hasnt lost one,,,,yet!

This crew was hatched aound the first of May(magpie mama)

Indian Runner females Are kept in a GROW UP pen.I let them help me in the garden a little each day.

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Yep, your on the right tract. I don't let my ducks out untill 8:30-9:00am, and their eggs are layed. Sounds like we have the same set-up. Sometimes they decide to stay out all night(naughty little kids) and I hear the girls 1/2 to an hour after sunrise laying their eggs under my bedroom window. That makes up for staying out all night because......We LOVE Those Eggs!!!!!!!

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