Helping baby ducks

kkramer83June 4, 2011

A mama duck laid her eggs in my front yard and they just hatched. I had already put a small pan of water out for her while she was sitting on the eggs, but when I initially went out there she flew away then came back later. Now that the ducklings are hatched, I don't know the best way to help them or the mom... or if I should just let them be.

My concerns are that there is nothing keeping the ducklings all together and if I try to put out food or water for them that mom will fly away and they will scatter off. Also, there is no major water source near my house except for a river about 3/4 of a mile away. I can't imagine how she will get all of her ducklings that far safely. Is there anything I can be doing to help the cute little ducklings have a better chance? Please help!

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Leave them alone, and try to stay as far away as possible. Every time you approach the nest and she flees, you make it more likely that a predator will discover them and kill them. They will only stay in the nest for about 24 hours max, then she will lead then away to a grassy area near a water source with cover. A mile is nothing to them, they can cover that distance in about an hour.

Just leave well enough alone and nature will take care of it.

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