Duckling Respiration

ZahrynJune 21, 2012

Hi Everyone,

We recently hatched 4 Chocolate Brown Indian Runner ducks, 3 have grown big and strong (and messy) but the 4th to hatch, R2 (although the fastest developing embryo) has remained very small and runty.

He seems to have some kind of problem with his breathing, he breathes very fast all the time, his whole body moving as he breathes, he gets tired quickly and goes downhill very rapidly whenever he's in water. We've stopped bathing him and separated him from his trampling siblings, he's about 3 weeks old and his heart rate is also really fast. He just seems to be shattered all the time.

He's got a heat lamp that he can get away from but he prefers sleeping near it, he's eating and drinking fine and does seem to be getting taller, but he's very skinny and the breathing thing is bothering me.

Anybody any ideas?

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