New England Poultry Exhibitions Shows

gardendawgie(5)June 14, 2009

I would like to go see some high quality show birds in New England. I am in Mass. Does anyone know if there are any shows on the agenda. Or possibly the name or way to contact some serious exhibition breeders who are local.

Thanks for you help.

Right now I do not have any birds or chickens. I am trying to decide on what way to go. Seeing some nice birds would certainly help me to make a decision.

Scanning the internet I have liked the tiny Serama chicks. Are they easy to take care of because they are smaller.

I am not really a newbie to chickens as I used to have many back around 1972 era. Today there is so much more info and things available. Back then it was pretty isolating. No internet etc. Hard to find info. Now is incredible.

I wonder about Topsfield show in October. Also the Eastern States Exposition. not sure when that is. But there might be dedicated poultry shows. What about places that people meet to swap birds. They used to do that back in the 70's. Got some nice birds back then that way.

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Try going to " the "Poultry Connection poultry forum" web pages. A bunch of poultry exhibitors there who show nationally. I am no longer upm to date on such things..

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