A Cat attacked one of my ducklings!

christa_ducklingJune 8, 2007

Last night a cat got into my ducks pin and got one of the ducklings. The cat bit into the muscle part of the ducklings left leg. I am afraid that the babyÂs leg is now paralyzed or broken. (He will not move the leg at all just drags it around when moving). He does not jump or show any signs of feeling in the leg. It has only been a day and I donÂt know what I should do for him. Maybe Mother Nature will take care of him? Any suggestions to what I should do?

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That's so sad!! I'm sorry about the little baby. It sounds like the cat broke it :( My duck's leg got broken (or either she twisted it) and she couldn't walk right for over a month so my mom just bandaged it up and it got better. I'd keep him inside if you're not already at least until his leg is better -- Good Luck!!


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Did your duck heal? If so, what position did you splint the leg in (straight out or in a sitting position)? I believe my duck has a broken leg. It just hangs there. He is young (7-8 weeks old). I just got him. I feel terrible for him and don't want to put him down, but I don't want him to suffer either. I'd take him to a vet but money is really tight. I need help. I feel terrible. Any suggestions?

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

In most cases splinting the leg will go a long way to help it heal. Its a shame that Cat owners think that their animals have any place out in the wild.

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