Question on Hale's Best Cantaloupes

lasparks63June 16, 2009

I have 3 good size cantaloupes forming (yeah!). My question is do these look more like watermelon while they're growing. They have varied green on the surface. I can take a pic if I need to.



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For some reason I'm thinking there's a green Hale's Best and the normal orange colored Hale's Best. Do you know which you have?

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I got them from Home Depot. It's Bonnie's Plants and from what I can see online it looks like they only do the cream colored ones. I've always wondered if some of the labels ever get mixed up. Wondering if I have a watermelon instead of a cantaloupe. They look pretty much alike (the plants and flowers, not the fruit of course). Here's a pic

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Whoa: That is a cantaloupe. However I am concerned, because a watermelon has a very diferent physical appearance from a cantaloupe. No way you should ever confuse the two. And yes, Hales Best and many other cantaloupes are dark dark green until they net and then ripen to a yellowish color.

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It's definately cantaloupe. Didn't realize the leaves were so different. Thanks for your help. Off to find pantyhose to sling those babies. Will be out of town for 10 days and they should be huge by then. (no worries, neighbor caring for garden while we're gone and she doesn't like cantaloupe).

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