Goose going upside down

ButterfieldFarmJune 30, 2012

The first time I had this happen, I thought it was just a fluke, but I'm now wondering what may be going on. At about five months old, I had a gosling get stuck upside down, fairly regularly. I kept putting him back in the right positions and a little disoriented, he eventually grew out of it I guess, but still never was the favored gaggle member. Not this year at about the same age, I discovered one of this years hatch doing the same thing. For the last few days I've been rescuing her and putting her back in the right position. Unfortunately, she did it during the night because this morning I found her dead -- on her back. Very sad indeed. Has anyone ever experienced this? I'm thinking this is natures way of culling the imperfect from the flock. Still doesn't make it better...

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I've never heard of such a thing. Maybe a search online will bring some results. You've had more than 1 with this issue, so that means something is amiss and it's not just a fluke. Could be a genetic thing or maybe the diet?

Are they getting a balanced diet?

I'm sorry you lost him.

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Check what feed you're using. Vitamins in older feed has lost potency. Vitamin E might be missing. Heat, sunlight, and processing takes their toll on vitamins.

Several years ago we had a bantam chick put head between legs & walk in circles. We did some research and came up with the vit E deficiency called crazy chick disease. We surmised that since the feed bag was up in the loft and we watched the store employee climb up to get it that feed was old.

We supplemented her feed her with twice a day vit E oil from a capsule into her beak and within a week she was quite improved. Once standing upright and walking forward again we put her with the rest of the chicks and she did fine. There was nothing noticeable about her growth or behavior after that. We had her for a long time.

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