any duck lovers out there???

allaroundgoatgirlJune 25, 2008

I've been raising chickens for quite some time now and would like to try my hand at raising ducks.

I need a breed that is fairly quiet, and can live in a fairly small run.

Can anyone tell me about some breeds that might work for me??

Much appreciated....

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Muscovy Ducks do not quack.they hiss and they do not require a pond. sound liks what you need.

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my favorite has always been pekins..they are the cutest and make awsome pets as well. I just got myself 2 ducklings yesturday..and I love them. I got rid of our pond as I found it was too hard to keep clean with ducks,,but I bought them a swimming pool that is large enough for them to swim under the water and easy for me to clean out every few days or so.

Go for PEKINS!!

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i've heard pekins are pretty noisy though.....

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no nosier than any other duck..the females have voices,not the males. The males are silent,,if they want to make any noise it sounds like a raspy quack! But they are by far my favorites!

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