Timothy Hay ?

Stellabee(7, Atlanta)June 4, 2013

This is the only forum where I would imagine it might make some sense to ask the following question:

Is there such a thing as GMO Timothy hay? I know there is such a thing as GMO alfalfa...

If anyone knows, please do advise.


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saffron_parasol(4a WI)

I follow the GMO issues quite closely and as far as I know, there is no GMO timothy. However, there may be some GMO alfalfa, and possibly other GMO grass mixed in with the stand of timothy. Scott's has recently put out a GMO grass seed, a blugrass, that could contaminate other bluegrasses. Some bluegrasses grow in fields as well. Lamb's quarters and wild lettuce are a couple of nice fodder choices, as well as buckwheat. I don't know if you're considering an-already-there field, or starting your own, in which case you may want to contact your local DNR for a catalog of deer/turkey, etc., range seeds. There are MANY varieties of natural wildlife feedstocks that are great for domestic animals. Good luck!

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Stellabee(7, Atlanta)

Hi Saffron_parasol, I am actually doing some research on different types of horse feed. I'm very glad to hear that Timothy hay is still non-gmo. It's too bad about the bluegrasses-seems like the new gmo grass would surely cause problems for growers of natural blue grass varieties...

Thanks for all of the good info!

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