Problems with Frontline Flea Control

brunswickcounty(z7 or 8)June 26, 2005

Hi -- Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with FrontLine flea control products? I treated both of my cats 3 weeks ago with frontline, then noticed a tick on one of my cats yesterday, right near her ear. Frontline was the only product "guaranteed" to kill fleas AND ticks, according to my vet. Anyways, after I saw the tick, I decided to give each of the cats a once-over with a flea comb, and they were both infested with fleas! My dog had also been treated at the same time with Frontline for dogs, and doesn't seem to have any fleas (Yet!)

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arkiema(7b Arkansas)

W have been having fits with fleas on our three housedogs.
Don't know what's going on with the Frontline but it's the same here. A week after all were treated all were covered with fleas. They didn't even seem to be slow or sick.
I've seen fleas on them before but they always seemed effected by the Frontline. Not this time. Wish I'd looked to see if the package had an expriation date before I tossed it. It's pretty expensive for such poor results.
We've always used Avantage and change to Frontline for the ticks.
We've treated the yard. Hope that gives us some better results.....

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i have used frontline for several years, always with good results. until this year. i started treating both dogs in april and am diligent with keeping up to date.

after i treated them the last time, about a week later, one of the dogs had a tick embedded in his neck. i was not a happy camper. like you said, it's very pricey stuff. i wonder if they have either changed the forumla or the ticks (and fleas) have built up a resistance to it. ugh!

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Gees, and I bought a six month supply!!!!!!! So far I have not had a problem. Seems I am the one picking up all the ticks, not the dog. My dog is a little older and spends most of the time in the house so I have not noticed a problem yet. I think I will ask the vet if something has changed. Or, maybe people could just start e-mailing their complaints to the makers of Frontline. Disappointing. Now I will have to start checking the dog more carefully. Ticks. I hate ticks!

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pamcleod(z4 NH Lakes)

I've never had a problem, but I believe that each of these type of products treats only specific species of ticks. Also, I wonder if the tick has to bite before it injects the Frontline and dies? We have many times found dead ticks on our pets just after an application.

That said, fast-reproducing bugs such as fleas are notorious for developing resistance. I wonder if changing or rotating products might help?

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I have had the exact same problem with fleas, Frontline stopped working for me like several months ago. Very frustrating. I finally tried this new stuff for organic control of insects in your garden. There are several different product lines out with this new Spinosad base insecticide. It completely got rid of the fleas-I didn't bathe my pooch for about 2 weeks now and I noticed that they are starting to come back so it time to spray again. It is not labeled for spraying on pets, but is supposedly totally safe for people and pets, so I was desperated. Then I found out about Elector which has the spinosad insecticide in it for cattle. So I figured if it is safe for meat or dairy cattle it should be ok for my pooch. If you don't want to spray on the pooch, just spray pooches bedding and carpets or rugs that they might use. I would imagine it would work just as good. I don't think it is water proof, it doesn't get into the animals blood stream. works dry but it is a contact thing. When fleas go thru the dry hair with the ingrediant they sort of go crazy, it is a nurological thing for the bugs and it kills them. Totally natural. Non selective on any insect or bugs, so use with caution in yard and garden if you like bees and butterflies.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

I'm wondering--several months ago, there was a release about the frontline, and advantage, that was ordered from the cheaper places online, not being the same as what you could buy from the vet-- I just figured it was more of the same releases from vet's, to keep everyone from buying elsewhere. now, i'm wondering- I was just getting ready to order online for my dogs, and i'd like to know-is what you have thats not working purchased from a vet-or did you order it? BIG price difference, but-if you ordered online-and its not working----i'll buy it by the month at the vet.

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sumac(SE MI)

Good question ceresone. Arkiema also makes a very good point about experation dates. Also if I remember correctly monthly applications are needed for tick control but only once every three months for flea control. And if I might also ask if any of you have tried the Hartz flea and tick control. Much much cheaper. But does it work?

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I buy my Frontline from the vet. Good point about the expiration date. Might be something to look at. There is some reason it is so much cheaper online besides cutting out the middle man.

Leslie, where did you get the spinosad from? I have used a spinosad product in my garden since last year, but the company tells me it is backordered until August. A lot of good it will do me then. Everything will be chewed into oblivion.

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

Funny thing. While reading this post, I felt an itch on my leg and sure enough! there was a flea. Our cat Marilla goes outside several times a day with a harness and leash and I guess some fleas found her. Darn! We got through all last summer without any and here it is only June...

What product is SAFEST for cats and still effective?

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gerry(MA 5)

We have treated our 2 Great Pyrs with Frontline for 10 years. Ticks are endemic to our area (without Frontline each dogs gets 20+ a day and each has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, although one has no symptoms yet) and we have noticed that the performance of the Frontline varies from year to year. I don't know if it is a quality control issue of if ticks develop resistance or what. This year it seems to be working well for us. We buy it from our vet.

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I had the exact thing hapen last year. I've had fantastic results with the FL for several years,not a single flea, then last summer it seemed to quit working:( Switched to Advantage for a few months, now I'm back to the FL again, and it seems to be working fine:( Don't know what the deal is.

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I got mine at a nursery here local in south Texas, but my dad got the Elector for cows, at a feed store. Google it, there are lots of different brands, I know mine is a GREENLIGHT product.

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undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)

"Lincoln" is my 110 lb. male rottweiler.
I got him frontline last year. I wasn't impressed, simply because he didn't scratch & cry any less than before.

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DapperDahlia(z6 Pa)

If frontline GARUNTEES that your pet wont get ticks and fleas and it did somethings up and you should call the company or the your vet or something because that shouldnt happen

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brunswickcounty(z7 or 8)

Thanks for all your postings! I called my vet (where I had purchased the frontline) and they told me to contact the company directly, as they said frontline's product was guaranteed to work. Frontline's website "guarantees" their product 100%, but when I talked to the company rep on the phone, they qualified that they only guarantee that any fleas on your pet will not lay eggs, so therefore you will get flea relief "eventually". Which is NOT what their website implies! You can't send them email, you have to contact them by phone, which makes me think they get too many complaints about their product not working as stated.

They are going to refund me the purchase price of the product I purchased, but this is a one-time deal. As far as ticks, the rep said that even though my cat had a tick on her ear, it "probably" has died by now and will eventually fall off.

They blamed the flea infestation on the environment, saying that as long as there were feral cats or any wild animals entering the area, there would always be fleas present on my cats if they came in contact with the area these other animals may have walked through.

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DapperDahlia(z6 Pa)

Goodness always have to read the fine print any more because you cant trust anyone. gee whiz

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undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)

Frontline had practically no effect on my 110lb rottweiler. I don't bother with it anymore. He just gets bathed if he itches.

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kimberlee(z5 IN)

I use Revolution. I haven't seen a flea or tick on any of my five cats (three of whom are barn cats) or the dog. Granted, it is more expensive, but it also takes care of heartworm and ear mites, so I figure it's worth the extra expense.

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I use Advantix(not sure if it's the same as advantage)(you know the one that has the puppy in the commercial that is singing "hello mother Hello Father")It has two names but I cant think of the second name and I cant find the pamplet from the vet. Any way It has worked great for me but the one thing the vet did tell me was that I had to be carefull if I had indoor cats because if they licked it off the dog it would kill them outright.......I have treated the dog and his bedding and all of the carpet and havent had too many problems since then......josette

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It took a couple of months for our dogs, cats and house to become flea free after we started using Frontline Plus two years ago. We didn't need to use it last year until August. One dose per animal took care of the fleas before they became a problem. I haven't had to use it yet this year. We have four dogs and two cats in and out of the house. It does take time. The eggs that are already in the environments need to hatch and be exposed to Frontline before the cycle is broken. If the animal wanders it's going to pick up more fleas but they won't reproduce if they've bitten your animal.

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beacon7(z10 FL)

Yikes, am I glad I found this post. We have 2 chiquaquas and we have used Frontline for about 8 years without ever a problem...until this year. I use it monthly during the season and every 3 months in the winter. I used it 2 weeks ago and we are crawling with fleas. The vet gave me CapStar which is a one time treatment that kills the adults, but all areas inside and outside have to be treated so there is no reinfection. I haven't researced the Capstar. I will call Frontline also. Good Luck! and thanks for the post.

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ohiorganic(5/6 SW Ohio)

I treated my dog with frontline two weeks ago (which I bought from the vet last year and had not expired) and within 5 days he was itching and covered with fleas again.

So I got out the flea comb and have been using that once a day to great effect. I don't think I will go back to using the poisons any more.

And flea combing is a nice bonding experience for us both.

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I always had great results with biospot. Back when I groomed dogs and cats. It kills all life stages. Fleas, deer ticks, brown ticks. stuff worked great.

Here is a link that might be useful: biospot

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

Gee I should have thot to look at Gardenweb to find some feed-back on fleas! I've been spending hours on the computer doing research.
First I tried the natural way, I spent a whole bunch of $ and it was not effective. They make a herbal flea collar (inexpensive) but save your $. I actually found fleas sitting on the collar!

Today I broke down and bought advantage - $49.00! Yikes. I just need something to work. From reading these posts I can see how resisitance to the product is developing. I hope I can just get some relief this year.

The other product I'm going to try - and I wonder if anyone has experience with it - Total Release Fogger. It has 3 ingredients - one an insect growth regulator, one kills adults on contact, and one kills adults and hatching fleas.

Sounds good. The place i found it at is out of stock so I'm having to look around the web and see if I can find it elsewhere.
Any comment?


Here is a link that might be useful: IGR fogger

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Although we've had good results with frontline, used alone it will not control them all. We keep both our dog's hair cut very short & feed them lots of garlic. Very few ticks at all. Most everyone around us has a horrible problem with them. It's a matter of diligence.


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Hello all. I, too, have been using Frontline and it stopped working a couple summers ago. Now I use the Frontline spray and it works great on my cats. I ordered it online from at a great price. Still have to get a vets script but they will call for you.

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So far so good for me with the Frontline. I guess if it stops working for me I will switch to something else.

As an interesting aside, my sister in AL said she is having a hard time getting Frontline from her vet. They told her they are having a hard time getting it from their supplier. Hmmmm... Maybe there is something up with it after all.

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kitty32_z8(WA_ keypen)

FYI- you can order through petmeds without a vet call.

As far as it working for us it seems to still be working on fleas anyways. I would know if not, because one of my cats is HIGHLY illergic to protiens in flea saliva and looses his hair without protection. We buy the spray through

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Thanks kitty32. My cat is allergic also and develops red, itchy spots. I've always had problems ordering through petmeds. Can never get the website to work, guess I could call.

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quequay(z5 PA USA)

This is my first post. I do use Frontline on my four cats and my doberman. Frontline works great on my cats but my doberman is highly allergic to fleas - highly. From what my vet explained about Frontline is that it doesn't repel fleas or ticks, frontline is absorbed into the oil glands of your pet the flea walks on the oils, it gets on their legs etc, the fleas then cleans itself, injests the frontline and then the flea dies after it (frontline) goes through the flea's (ticks) system (the flea can still bite, hence my poor dogs problem). Frontline Plus kills the eggs and larva before the turn into fleas on your pet not the enviroment. Fleas don't live on your pets exclusively, they like the carpet, cracks in your floors, your furniture (in and underneath) shady areas outside and any nook and cranny. Even though I treat my dog with frontline she still gets fleas from the enviroment (they are short lived on her but still give her allergic reactions). I have set up flea traps (lights with soapy water underneath)in almost every room in the house. I do have a spray by OVITROL I used last year when my cellar was a flea factory. One treatment killed the fleas outright and I have none in the cellar since - I am allergic to so many chemicals that the spray will be my last resort if I don't see improvement soon. It is a bad year for fleas! The moist humid air is heaven for them. I would love to be able to treat this problem with organic measures and will post any that work. I hope and pray for a cold snap soon, heavy frost to kill the fleas outside!!
PS: my cats and dog play outside in my yard, it is fenced in and the cats have never tried to get out in 5 years but stray cats like to come by and check out the lady cats (who are fixed)...and bring their fleas too...grr!

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Poochella(7 WA)

Quequay Welcome. Have you tried the Fleabuster products? There are probably others like it on the market now. Basically borax powder you put (or have pounded in professionally) on your carpets/rugs, animals bedding. Any flea that lands on it will dry up, dessicate, blow away and never be heard from again HURRAY! They guarantee it for a year. Ours lasted 3 years before we moved away.
We had our former home treated with this- not even the whole house as we were remodelling, but the livingroom/family room and one bedroom were done. We never saw a flea, an ant, a spider in that house and it was a busy, wide open doors all the time kind of house hold.
It might be worth checking into given your visiting neighbor cats and your poor allergic dog.

Good luck and again, welcome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fleabuster link

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I switched from advantage (a good product, btw) to Revolution. Yes, it's more expensive but one of my cats had resistant ear mites and was balding from it. Revoluton takes care of the whole gamut, including heartworm. I never have had to treat the outside and one cat is a barn cat and exposed to all sorts of flea sources like chipmunks. I haven't even seen a flea in two years! It's a Godsend. As for the price of the systemic pest control products. It's cheap in the long run when you realise that you have stopped having to use foggers, flea shampoos and powders and what is your time and their comfort worth? Lots.

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rainydays(4 WI)

Thats the thing Frontline, Advantage and these other once a month treatments are Systemic. The tick or flea has to come in contact with the dog and actually consume some of the animal. A contact insect with permethins kills on contact.

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Hi Laura, my 2 cents worth - When we moved here 5 years ago I brought 6 persian cats and a small dog (Maltese), none of whom had fleas. We moved into a house that had never had pets inside or out. After six months, by this time it was spring, we had an out of control flea infestation, on the cats, on the dog and in the house. Probably from us working in the yard and bringing the fleas inside on our clothing, as there were dozens of squirrels all over. (Lots of trees and nests) And we tried everything we could think of, bombs, sprays, shampoos, Frontline and other stuff from the vet. Nothing worked until I did a little research. Apparently, over 80% of the fleas in my house were in the carpet, the ones we found on the dog and cats were the 20% tip of the iceberg. And the 80% were the ones breeding - the ones on the animals are mostly there for food. We got Capstar from the vets, it's a great product, which kills fleas instantly on the animals, but the effects only last for 24 hours, so with 7 animals, and a cost of about $1.50 per pill, it wasn't possible to rely solely on that. I found a product called "Program", at
(800petmeds)this is a monthly treatment you feed to your pets which does not kill fleas, but does sterilize them, so they don't breed. (My vet's office tried VERY HARD to discourage me from using this, their objection being it doesn't kill the fleas.) However, my procedure was Capstar once a week, and Program once a month and sure enough, in 6-8 weeks we were flea free. (The flea life cycle is about 45 days) I used both products for about three months, then only the Program for an additional 6 months or so, and nothing since then. We are still flea free after 4 years. (We have our termite contract with Orkin and also our home pest control, and since the infestation have asked them to include a flea treatment every time they treat our house and yard, about every other month. They don't charge us any extra for this.) The point is, you have to break the breeding cycle, just killing the fleas on your pets won't take care of the problem, and (good as my vet is) vets are in the business of selling MONTHLY flea treatments, if you break the cycle, they lose out.

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

Here is a suggestion.

I haven't used it yet, just ordered it. This aerosol fogger is supposed to kill adult and pre-adult fleas - 3-way action.
I'll let you know how it works.


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Please don't use Hartz products! If you google hartz flea victims, you will find websites with horror stories of dogs and cats having siezures and dying. It's the pesticide that gets into their blood through the skin in that product causing nerve damage. Same for bio spot, and other "cheap" medications as well as some flea collars with the same ingredient.

I have had good luck with program until we introduced our new puppy this year, and now am using frontline and program until we get the problem under control. We don't have a lot of ticks in the area so no experience there. This year has been bad of fleas, possibly because of the mild winter we had. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hartz victims

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Kristy_SC(coastal SC)

I love Revoution. It works great and it's fewer chemicals on the animal in the long run since it covers so many 'critters' in one application. The only time our two dogs ever had fleas was when they were off it for a couple of months. Since we have so many strays (people dumping them in the country, whole other rant) I like the added protection against ear mites and mange.

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All of your flea killers, Advantage, Bio Spot, Frontline etc all have the same igredient, Ivomectrin. (I might have spelled that wrong). You can buy Ivomectrin by the pint or quart for about $40.00. There is a generic name, Ivomec. I use Ivomec Pour On for my dogs and cats. There are large bottles of it because they use it on cows to kill worms.You don't have to go to your vet to buy it. It is very cheap, as you don't pay for fancy commercials on TV, or fancy packaging, or the Vet's amount he gets for selling it. You use 1 CC or 1 mil for every 10 lbs of animal. If you have a 5 lb cat, use 1/2 of a CC. You put it on the back of their necks, so they can't lick it. I bought a large bottle and it lasts forever. I treat my animals once a month. If you have an infestation, you can treat more frequently until all the flea eggs have hatched and died. It takes several weeks for the flea eggs to cyle., so don't give up. It kills fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, and ear mites. Those companies that sell it in little tubes are making an absolute fortune off you. So is your vet. That is why they make sure you have to have a perscription. Then you have to go through them, and they reap the profit.

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I'm using Revolution...not cheap.

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Advantage (imidacloprid) is not the same as Frontline (fipronil) and neither is BioSPot (permethrin and Nylar)--and none of the listed parasiticides contain Ivermectin. I do not recommend the off-label use of any insecticide on any animal for which it is not labeled--especially in cats as certain medications can cause severe adverse reactions (even death).

As for "making an absolute fortune off you--" I am not even going to go there (okay, I am). If I am making a fortune, then why does my car (1996 Saturn) have 200,000 miles on it and I shop with coupons? If I am making a fortune, I would sure hate to be poor....Not all Vets are only concerned with the bottom line.

'nuff said--sorry--you hit a sore spot!

Lesley (Vet in WI)

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Kristy_SC(coastal SC)

saddlehillfarm - I think if your relationship with your vet is so poor that you feel that way, you should find another vet. We don't mind the 'mark-up' from our vet since 1) they have to make a living too and 2) dropping by monthly helps keep a good relationship going which is helpful when/if something goes wrong with the 'kids'. Our vets have been there at for us 12am, they care about more than the bottom line and we do too.

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I am not ever going to complain about the cost of a systemic skin applied or oral flea medication. I lost a rescued cat to fleas years ago for the lack of them. He was an angora and so polluted he literally got sucked dry and managed to leave our household just short of the amityville horror with the deposits of flea eggs, larvae and droppings. It took me weeks and weeks of fogging, insecticidal carpet shampooes, vacuuming and spraying to finally break the cycle and left the other housecats traumatised. I'll pay my 13 bucks a month for the revolution and just be thankful it's available. I also pay it to my vet, instead of asking her/him for a script to order it online. In essense I am paying for all the meds people get elsewhere in my office fees. I'd just as shuck it stay in my vet's office because I want them there, in business, when I need them.

I suppose some vets make a swell living in fancy "hospitals" but my vets will make up syringes of antibiotics for my chickens, get up in the middle of the night to help a cow who is having trouble dropping a calf, and come in after hours to see a sick dog. I can't even imagine what their home life (or lack of one) is like.

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skippy05(z7 PA)

I can't believe I just ordered Frontline Plus on line.
Although I must admit, I haven't had a flea problem since we started using it.
I get it at vetmeddirect.
Revolution sounds like a great idea!

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drei_katzen(Z4 WI)

Have we had problems with Frontline?

I came home from the vet the other day with a bag of frontline and I heard a strange scratchy noise that seemed to echo throughout the house. It turned out that all the fleas were laughing their little faces off.

My dogs and cats have been on Frontline, Frontline Plus, Program, Capstar, and still I would swear that there may be more than one flea jumping around here with a red cape and blue suit on.

We have very few soft surfaces -no carpet, very few curtains. We have eliminated all hard to clean surfaces - we have wood floors, etc. We sanitize, we clean, but we have superfleas.

The only thing that knocks them out is BioSpot. Our vet recommended it after I burned through $300 in chemical warfare that didn't work. It's dirt cheap. It works.

Frontline? Not on our fleas. It doesn't work.

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beth1(LA - Zone 8)

We've used Advantage for about 4 years now & it does the job. A little pricey but well worth it as far as I'm concerned. ;o)

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I'm sure everyone here joins me in saying what a wonderful thing these flea meds are. All the years of bombs, flea collars, powder, spray, yard sprays, flea combs, etc. etc! So much poison, and yet the fleas still came!

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All 5 of my cats have fleas although I use frontline every 5 weeks.
My vet has suggested using stronghold next time. Even more expensive! Has anyone else used this? I don;t mind how much I pay as long as it works!

Here is a link that might be useful: Worthing Cat Welfare Trust

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gingerlili(z8 NW FL)

What a relief! Although it's horrible that the Frontline stopped working for so many, it makes me feel better. I experienced the same problem when my vet asked me to switch my dogs from Advantage to Frontline. Whne it didn't work, the vet tech told me that it was never the product. Frontline never fails. She said, "You must have a flea-infested house. Bad housekeeping leads to fleas." I left feelign terrible and then purchased Advanteg agian. Fleas were gone in 24 hours. So either I became a better housekeeper overnight, or Frontline doesn't work. I dropped the product and switched vets. We've been flea free for 2 years.

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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

Wow, nice thread. I was half way through this thread and decided to give my Lab a bath. Question:

She's never outside for a long period of time. Only to walk, pee, and poop. Thats it. She's mostly inside our condo. She does have redness skin, and by the elbow there is no fur. She itches I guess normally for a dog. Once an hour? 4-6 times a day? I don't ever see any fleas on her.

Should I bother with flea control?

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gingerlili(z8 NW FL)

The itching could be many things. The Lab may be allergic/sensitive to the food you give her or the shampoo you bathe her with.

As for the elbow, my Lab has rough patches on both elbows, and two vets have told us that it's common to the breed because of how they rest. Just calluses the way an acoustic guitar player gets thicker skin on his or her fingers.

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madspinner(z7 WA skagit)

I've been having trouble with Frontline this year also. I use Frontline because it seems to last longer than other brands like Advantage, making it cheaper for me.

I use it on my 3 cats and one dog, all of whom go outside. This year it seems to cut down on how many they have, but it has not gotten rid of them completely like in past years. We have been putting it on my large dog every month, and he is still scratching.

I will try it again in spring next year, but if it doesn't do any better, I will switch to something else for awhile.

Curious to see that we are not the only folks having this problem.

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MCK1125(z5 IL)

I too am having problems with Frontline this year. On our 5th month and they continue to get worse. I have resorted to hand picking them off several times per day to try to get control. I called the vet on numerous occassions but all they say is that it's a bad year. I bought 6 mos supply of Frontline from the vet so I don't think it matters where you purchase it. I checked for an expiration date but there is none on the package and the vet said that it does not ever expire so there is no expiration date.

    Bookmark   November 1, 2005 at 11:44AM
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Yes - I am so glad to hear that many people are having trouble with Frontline and Frontline Plus!!! After using it and not seeing a single flea on 2 dogs and 2 cats for over 5 years, in September of 2004, we were suddenly infested. After continuously applying the frontline for one year (I feel stupid) and also getting our home "bombed" by exterminators until they were afraid to put anymore chemicals in our home, my common sense kicked in and I decided to change flea medication. I switched to Advantage and Sentinal heartworm pills for the dogs and Revolution for the cats. I swear - in 2 days we were flea free for the first time in over a year. I don't know if fleas built up a resistance to the frontline, or if they did in fact change the formula, but something is very fishy about the whole thing! I would like to let everyone know that this combo did truly work - you can e-mail me with any questions!

    Bookmark   November 16, 2005 at 9:51PM
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When we had a dog that was highly allergic to fleas, I treated our yard. I used a granular product, broadcast it everywhere and then watered it down. I don't remember the name. I think this was about 15 years ago and for all I know some federal agency may have taken it off the market.

We live close to a forest preserve and used to see deer in the yards. We still get an occasional racoon or skunk. Until I did the yard we couldn't get a handle on the problem.

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MCK1125 - I have 4 boxes of Frontline Plus that I bought off the 'net last year and they all have an expiration date on them. I came to this forum to see if these products truly did expire and if they are harmful given to pets when they are expired? Or if they just don't work any more? Anyone know?

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Normally when a product has expired the active ingredient begins to degradate and slowly but surely will diminish it´s power so the results will not be what you expect. They are not harmful, they just don´t work anymore.

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chiefgraybear(East Tennessee)

Has anyone tried Diaotamus (sp?) Earth? Some nurserys carry it. It's commonly called D.E. and is used in diatom aquarium filters. It's made from fosilized saltwater microrganizms. The tiny shells of the organizms cut the fleas and ticks to death! You can put it on the pets and on their yard area as well. If you want REAL tick control, I suggest that you get a couple of guineas. They just love to eat ticks, as well as other garden pests. We are prone to ticks, fleas, cut worms, wood bees, and a bunch of other pests here in East Tennessee, but the guineas sure keep them knocked down. Good luck to all, Gray Bear

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Borax also works as a charm in environmental flea control, it dehydrates flea eggs and nymphs. Tick and fleas require a double approach, on the animal and in the environment, if you don´t practice both in your home the problem won´t go away.

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bruglover(Gulf States)

glassquilt -

There's a granular product that has worked well for us, called Ant, Flea and Tick Killer Granules, around $15 for 10 lbs, which treats 5,000 sq. ft. We buy ours at the big W. I think there are several similar products, made by different companies. It's permethrin. A nice side benefit where we live is fire ants don't establish in the treated sections.

Raul - Borax works great to keep fleas from breeding in carpeting. I use the very fine powder sold for roach control and work a small amount into the carpet.

Chiefgraybear - AFAIK, the diatomaceous earth that's said to be good for bug control is different than what's put in pool filters. Also I read that it's real bad to breathe it; I wouldn't want to apply it to an animal for that reason. It doesn't work when it's wet, so I don't know how much good it would do in the yard.

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That´s exactly what I´m talking about, ENVIRONMENTAL control, it´s what you don´t see what makes the problem worse. You can always kill fleas and ticks ON THE ANIMAL, Frontline, Revoulution, soap, shampoo, dip, you name it they all work on the animal, the pest ( fleas or ticks ) have to be on the animal in order to work, they don´t kill what´s out there and it´s what´s out there what makes the problem bigger.

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Well, I'll add my 'Frontline failure' experience to the mix. I have a Chow, Cord the Wonder Chow, who will be eight this January. He and I take long walks around the property, and during the summer he is out most of the day, while I tend to the property. For all his life I have used Frontline Plus to control ticks. Fortunately, I have never seen a flea on him, so that's a non-issue around here. I was told by the vet that the active ingredient is released into the dog's oils and coats the fur. With a dog as furry as a Chow, the vet said that any tick would die before it ever made it through the fur and to the skin. For all the years I've been using FLP, I never saw a tick on Cord. Until this year. I found two ticks on him, both burrowed into the skin, both dead. Also, this spring for the first time he tested positive for Lyme disease and had to be treated (fortunately, he hasnÂt exhibited any symptoms). So, not just big, brown dog ticks, but also at least one deer tick got through.

From what I have read here, either many fleas and ticks across the entire country have suddenly and simultaneously become immune to Frontline, or else there was a problem with the quality of the product this year. I suspect the latter, but either way I am finished with Frontline.

Revolution sounds like a good product and I am going to try it next year. My dog gets better medical attention than I do (he gets an annual checkup, which is more than I can say for myself), and the small additional expense is nothing in comparison to his health.

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telly2(7 b - Alabama)

I stopped using Frontline on my dogs & cats years ago, when I noticed that it had the same effect as putting drops of water on their back - just made the fleas giggle. I have used K9 Advantix and Revolution, and have been pretty happy with both. Like a previous poster said, the Revolution is great for cats with ear mites.
I now buy all my flea prevention products online from Jeffers Pet after reading about other people's experience buying online.
I also agree with keeping guinea fowl if you have the right area for more ticks (a guinea's favorite treat), and environmentally friendly too.

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I took my rescue female Border Collie to the Vet for intestinal tract infection... and during conversation, he stated that various states have reported occasional complete resistance by flea populations to Frontline. Builders have begun to use Fipronil as a general pest control as part of soil treatment before building! Probable cause of resistance.

Finally, I've begun to hear about what i've seen with my borders, causing me to switch successfully to Advantage. So far, I've been treating 2-3 times per year, and no fleas have stayed around.

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We have been using Advantage on our dogs for some time; works well but is expensive. The active ingredient is Imidacloprid by Bayer. Merit 75Wp by Bayer also is Imidacloprid and is marketed for plants. Anyone out there using diluted Merit 75 on their animals? The cost savings would be huge...

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My 5 cats were treated with Frontline Plus less than 3 weeks ago, and are now invested with fleas. The Frontline was purchased from a vet in November 2006. The package has no expiration or manufacturing date. I have never had this problem with Frontline before now. I think I'll try Advantage...

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I have used Frontline Plus on my two labs for the past 5 years. They have never had fleas but one was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease. It showed up in a preventative blood test so we caught it and treated it before any symptoms started. My other lab just had a tick on her last week (all filled up with blood) so now we have to watch her too. As mentioned in an earlier post, I agree that maybe it is a good idea to switch brands after so many years and then maybe switch back again later on.

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bethw(z7 VA)

I don't regularly use flea products on our indoor cats, but after we took in a stray a year ago, they all needed treatment. Frontline, which I had used for a flea outbreak years earlier, was completely ineffective. Our vet could find no explanation for it. We switched to Advantage and have had no further problems.

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We were using Frontline every month and Heartguard on our lab. He is now 13 and we thought the chemicals might be getting too much for him, so we skipped frontline for 1 month, big problem. We were immediately overrun with fleas. I did ALOT of investigating and now believe we had fleas for quite a while, because I would see what I THOUGHT was dirt around his bed, I now know it was flea poop. I applied frontline, bombed with zodiak flea bombs, washed or threw away rugs and dog beds, sprayed everyday with a product from Home Depot called 'Enforcer'- it has an adultacide and IGR called NYLAR. I Had yard sprayed again by my pesticide guy who normally sprays every 3 months, then sprayed it again myself weekly. I did the bomb, yard spray and flea bath at the same time to get all sources of fleas at once. I washed the dog a week after appliying Frontline with Flea shampoo. I'm STILL having problems with fleas. I know the life cycle and how the Pupae cannot be killed, and will emerge from their cacoon after seeing or sensing movement, etc. I have tile floors, have mopped, sweep everyday. Vacuum any carpeting on the floor, then spray the house with the Enforcer flea spray. I still comb the dog with flea comb and get maybe 10 fleas out daily. I do not believe the frontline is effective. I called Frontline and they said probably skunks, chipmunks, and whatever other wildlife they could think of are bringing new fleas into our yard...I LIVE IN THE CITY!!! I think the fronline is not working now and will try the other product, Advantage, and see if it works better.
BY THE WAY- MY VET MATCHES INTERNET PRICES! SEE IF YOURS WILL TOO!!!!! That way they still make money, although not as much, and are still involved in your pets medical treatments.
Dave in Miami

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Frontline does NOT repel-- the insect has to bite the animal first. That's why I switched after using it for years. I kept pulling dead ticks off my Aussie Tess, but once in a while I'd also find them just crawling on her (they hadn't bitten yet), and I didn't like the idea of them getting in the house because I have two small children.

I switched to Biospot. It was the only one I found that DOES repel fleas AND ticks. And since I did, I have not found a single flea or tick on Tess. It's been two years!

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I did a reptile talk at a vets the other day and they say that the fleas are becomming amuned to frontline and they are now using Prac-tec they have a web site wich is i hope this is helpful to you all

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

I send away there for my flea stuff. Revolution for the dog, and Frontline for the cat. Since my cat is about 12 years old and never been to be checked for heart worms, I won't give revolution. So far Frontline seems to be working, but will watch closer. Many times this company gives free shipping or other offers once signed up for newsletters.

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I just found this thread and would like to write my experience. We have 2 Siberians uskies and a Chihuahua. We keep our pets flea free with Revolution. It's not cheap but it costs a lot less than a combination of other labor intensive, shotgun approach to flea control. I buy 6 vials for $78.00 from the vet and it controls the fleas on the animals and in the house. It also guards against heartworms, some intestinal worms, mites and ticks. Not a bad deal when it rounds off to $8.66 per dog to keep all of us healthier and itch free for 3+ months. BTW, I get the size for large dogs up to 85#, use one vial on the large 80# male, most of a vial for the smaller 50# female and the rest goes on the 6# Chihuahua. I did research on the product and it is supposed to be safe up to 10x the recommended dose. It has worked for us for 4 years with no problems.
We have bought it from the vet and also online and had good results with both.

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hi i just wanted to ask has anyone else had problems with there dog fitting after using frontline spot on as my dog sabre had fit within 24hours of the first dose of frontline then had more fits after the second dose he had never had fits before i used frontline on him we then put him back on program which he had been on before but i had a litter of pups ready to go to there new homes so i frontlined them and like before sabre had fits we have since lost sabre as the last lot of fits really wiped him out when the vet checked him over he said that if it was the frontline then medication might not work and i couldn't stand to watch my loving dog suffer untill the frontline had left his body and he was so flat on the vets table that it was kinder to let him go i have contacted frontline direct about this and put them in touch with my vet and i have heard of at least 2 other cases where this has happened and thought there might be loads more out there somewhere if it has happened to your pet please contact me and also contact frontline as the more people that do the more they will have to look into it and put a warning on there packaging many thanks

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There was a time when Frontline was very effective on my dog. Something changed...and I have long since given up on a product that is largely ineffective. I now use K9 Advantix and it works great.

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I'M DONE WITH FRONTLINE PLUS. I don't know what has happened, but my dogs are all infested with fleas. My house is now infested along with my back yard. I have treated my yard and my neighbors yard. My house has been bombed and my dogs have had so many baths they won't even go in the bathroom anymore. And still the fleas keep coming. I don't know what to do. I have even poured salt all over my floors and furniture because someone told me it dehydrates the fleas. Still the fleas keep coming. HELP!!!!! I feel like fleas are crawling on my scalp.

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BEWARE HARTZ & BIOSPOT can kill your cat!! The med in these brands is not metabolized by cats well, even if you have not had a problem before, be very careful. If your cat is compromised in any way, these products can kill, dogs no problem, but cats can die. If you've never screeched into the vet's parking lot with a seizing 6 mth old kitten in your arms, believe me it's a horrible way, DID I SAY HORRIBLE?, way for a cat to die! It happened to me, a neighbor used Hartz on their cat and it immediately began to seize, I spent 2 days and 1300.00 trying to save that baby's life, to no avail. I will never get the vision out of my mind. AND WORST OF ALL, THESE COMPANIES KNOW THESE PRODUCTS ARE DANGEROUS TO CATS, if you don't believe me, read the really, really, really fine print (CYA warning) on the box, THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED and the stores that carry these products as well............

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We are completely infested; it's like frontline just stopped working. I've gone through the posts here and it looks like about the same thing that happened in 2005- either the fleas built up an immunity or frontline changed their product.

I've ordered Advantage for my 2 cats and 1 dog(cocker spaniel) and am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive.

Should I wash our dog prior to treating him? We are in a sad sad state, and really infested.

The plan right now is:
1) Spray down the car the night before with flea killer. (Wiggles (our dog) sometimes rides in the car with us while we do errands - we have a travel waterdish for this purpose, don't worry)

2) Treat the animals, put cats in their carriers and everyone gets in the car.

3) Bomb the apartment- using 3 bombs for a 900sqft apartment. (reccommend a good brand for this? Is the walmart brand good enough?)

4) Come back 4 hours later, wash all the bedding/animal toys.

5) Give Wiggles a bath a week later.

Anyone have an opinion on these steps? Anything I'm doing wrong, anything more I can do to ensure flea elimination?

We live in an apartment complex, and I am sure that Wiggles is bringing in fleas from outside, but the management won't spray outside- any tips of something I can do to help control this?

Thanks for any advice!

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Another very frustrated and disappointed Frontline user -- and so I thought I'd do a google search to find out what was happening to other folks.

I've used Frontline since it first came out about 12? years ago and was *delighted* with the results, using it on between 4-8 dogs and one cat at a time. Usually only 2 applications were required yearly; once when the ticks come out, then again late summer. I don't know what happened this year, but I did the usual early spring application and then didn't have any, so by the time it finally arrived (this time buying the "Plus" version) for the late summer application, it did not work! I used it a 2nd time 2 weeks later, with the vet's ok. No improvement. Now I've bought the Plus again for a 3rd application (4th of the season) and still have tons of problems. Application schedule: Early spring, then August 7 and 20; then October 3. Still lots of scratching on half the dogs plus fleas all over poor elderly LuLu whippet; I've hand picked them off her twice already today since late afternoon, getting several each time.

My smallest and most elderly whippets have been *covered* with fleas, and I'm sick of picking them off. These 2 packs came from completely different U.S. sources, so it's not the batch. I'm going to call up and take them up on whatever that one-time refund is. At least I *hope* it's a refund and not a coupon for a free pack! I'm definitely not going to try it again for some time and will try Advantage this next time.

Something is up, I just don't know what!!

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I asked about this and they told me that dogs DO build up an immunity to these different products.

Makes sense; I guess I just didn't want to believe it because Frontline was so reliable for so long! I had gotten spoiled and sorta forgot how awful fleas can make everybody's lives.

I don't supposed there's any reason not to try the cheapest, Biospot, 'first' to see how it works.

The lady offered some interesting info - that she and her sisters, 2 in Tennessee, and herself in Pennsylvania, each use a different product because the others don't work! She uses Biospot and is very satisfied; her 2 sisters must each use the Frontline and Advantix, respectively, as Biospot doesn't work down there. Being in Georgia, I'm wondering if Biospot will work down here, but I'm into economy at this point! At least the first time.

Next summer I'll probably do the Advantix because of the tick properties (plenty of those out here in the north Georgia woods). But I worry that since that one repels mosquitos, what am *I* getting on my skin while cuddling them? That's another reason I would always (successfully) stretch out the treatments instead of doing it monthly like clockwork. That one also is supposed to be swim-proof.

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PS - It's only fair to mention that I just called my feed store, and they told me that this year has been particularly bad, and they've been told that people who don't even animals are getting flea problems!

So all the products have been have some trouble working this year. I'm still going to try Advantix, though.

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bruglover(Gulf States)

To control fleas, you need to control them at ALL stages, not just on your pets.

The following advice isn't very "organic" or "natural," but I firmly believe if you've got a flea problem you need to nuke 'em.

They breed on the ground/floor, inside and outdoors. What works for us is to use yard granules that kill all bugs.

For the carpeting and furniture, you can either bomb or spray the house, or work very fine boric acid powder (like Roach Prufe) into the carpeting with a stiff broom, which is the method I use. If you use an insecticide spray instead, I recommend using one with an insect growth regulator.

These steps, in addition to whatever method you use on your pet, will help immensely.

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Boy, I sure hate to go back to the 'bad old days' when I had to do ALL of that stuff -- and I always STILL had a problem.

In the continuing interest of fairness, here's the latest I've been told: Again -- my vet clinic reiterates it's the drought in Georgia to blame for the abundant flea population this year.

I just talked with a Bayer/Advantix vet tech, and she said that dogs do 'not' build up a tolerance to the products -- and they are testing flea populations all over the world for resistance, and that's not the issue (fortifying the vet's theory about this current drought). The vet said they've been getting lots of complaint calls from their customers who are having problems with all flea products.

So it's probably not fair of me to be blaming Frontline Plus.

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Well I can certainly see that I'm not alone in the world of bad Frontline Plus. Here is what happened to my dog. Within 15 minutes of applying Frontline Plus to my new dog Woody he started running around our yard and on into my neighbors yard where he dove into their small pond. He wallowed around for several minutes then jumped out of the pond and ran back up to our house. I immediately got the water hose and hosed him off. He calmed down after another 20 minutes.

Well 2 weeks later when fleas and ticks were all over him I tried another dose. This time he took it well and I thought problem solved. Wrong again. Two days after the second application I noticed a raw, bloody spot on his neck. I cleaned it up and called the vet and got him in on Monday morning. The vet wound up keeping Woody overnight because she had to sedate him so she could work on the sore. Clipped, shaved and dosed with antibiotics and pain killers I brought my dog home. He has since healed and is doing well.

When I picked up Woody on Tuesday I asked my vet if she had ever heard of any dog being allergic to Frontline. I was told that there were counterfeit products coming into the country and they seemed to be causing problems. She told me to look for a red stripe on the inside container and to also look for any foreign language in either Spanish, German/Swiss and/or Oriental. These apparently contain the magic potion that could be causing the problems.

So good luck to one and all when using Frontline. One can only hope our well informed, looking out for its citizens government can track this problem down...more than likely they'll just hide behind a Bush.


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I am courious as to why more people do not use organic metholds to control fleas or insects. I use organic methods to control both fire ants and fleas. It may cost a little more (or less) but is beats putting chemicals in your house or on your pet.

I live in a neighborhood so I can only speak about residential yards.

- Spinosad for both fleas & fire ants broadcasted in the yard
- Orange oil for ant mounts
- Diatomaceous earth for problem flea areas
- Vinegar in the pets water & garlic tabs for thier food

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Poochella and others seem to believe that Borax or boric acid dehydrate. They do not. See
It is an insect poison. It can dehydrate some plants, but not animals or bugs.

But glycerin can. Used on skin, hair, or fur, in pure form, it instantly kills insects and even bacteria by flash-dehydrating them. It will rinse off readily, as it "follows the water". A marvelous skin tonic and treatment, too.

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I had never experienced any problem with Frontline, but when I went to buy more last month, my vet didn't carry it anymore. He said he had found that ProMeris works better and costs less. That also seems to be working fine on my dogs and cats. Haven't seen anybody else mention that product here.

Diatomaceous earth is great stuff! Back in the "old days" when my house, pets, self were constantly infested with fleas, I would sprinkle d.e. all over the carpets and leave it all day while I was at work. I vacuumed it up when I came home, or even left it another day if I could. The longer you leave it the better - every single bug that comes in contact with the powder WILL die. Just make sure you don't inhale it much. You can sprinkle it around the yard, too, but need to re-apply after rain.

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I have used Diatomaceous Earth (food grade only) on my chickens and in their feed and on the cats and dogs (and also in their feed a couple of times a week. With the cats and dogs, they eat dry food so I have to moisten it and mix it with the DE. It gets rid of internal and external parasites and is totally safe.

For ear mites, I dust it in their ears.

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I did make the mistake of taking the advice of the owner of my local pet store who is usually VERY reliable and trustworthy and I value her opinion highly. However, she was not there when I came in with a crisis for fleas. Her brother recommended BioSpot which I bought. I was intending to go to the vet and get Frontline.

I went home and put it on all my cats and dogs. IT DID NOT WORK. AT ALL. However, I count myself lucky that my animals did not have a horrible adverse reaction that apparently is all too common. I'd certainly rather deal with fleas than a dead animal!

I've waited out the amount of time to safely apply another product and also gave them a bath in Dawn to make sure the product was completely removed. In 48 hours I will go to the vet and purchase Frontline Plus. It has always worked for my boyfriend and was what he had originally recommended. Should have listened to him! Hope Frontline Plus works for us.

But again, PLEASE read this website!

Here is a link that might be useful: Biospot letters

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I've had my toy poodle for almost 4 years and a bischon frise since December '07. I use frontline plus on both dogs. While on vacation this year I noticed a few fleas on the bischon. both dogs had their frontline just a week before so I went out and got flea collars for a quick fix until we got back home. This didn't do a thing! once back home I didn't notice any fleas until just a couple weeks ago both dogs were covered. I had just got them groomed and applied their frontline plus and they still were covered! so I applied the frontline again thinking the 72 hours after being groomed wasn't long enough to wait before applying the 1st time. This still did not phase the fleas!!
The yard is treated. I cleaned the house from top to bottom along with excessive vacuuming. I also tried spray's and powders not only on the dogs but on all my furniture. I still have fleas in my house and on the dogs. After reading this I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem, although I couldn't even wish this on my worst enemy. I cant take the biting on me or the dogs anymore! I will take any advice to help these pests go away!

Here is a link that might be useful: my page

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Frontline is a pestacide and so is Advantage and Advantix. Historically insectacides and pestacides stop working because citters buildup an immunity and you have to get something stronger. So you start out giving your pet what you are assured is very mild but even if it is mild its still a poison and your giving it month after month. How can you believe that this is not going to have a deleterious effect over the course of the pets lifetime;because the vet recommended it?

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tattoo7lady(zone 6)

I would caution anyone using ANY product that contains Pyrethrin. This is a "natural" product, but that doesn't mean it is SAFE. It is highly and fatally toxic to cats, and can be toxic to dogs as well, if the dose given is too big. I wouldn't trust using it on any animals. Check this link:

Pyrethrin is known by at least 6 other "active ingredient" names, and I was shocked to see these name brands listed, which all contain pyrethrin: name brands include Adams, Bio Spot, Duocide, Happy Jack, Hartz, K9 Advnatix, Mycodex, Ovitrol, Proticall, Raid, and Zodiac.

I googled Diatomaceous earth (as I had never heard of ingesting that before, people or animals!) and found that SOME forms of DE (which are commercially sold) contain pyrethrin. That sounds strange to me, as TRUE Diatomaceous earth is made up of fossils of diatoms. Fossils, and not dried plant material.

Like Wendy, I too almost lost animals to Hartz Mountain flea products, and so was not surprised to learn of her experience with BioSpot, as both of these use pyrethrin in their formulary.


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Bio Spot, Bio Spot, Bio Spot! It is cheaper than those others, and works better. Took care of the fleas on my dog in less than a week, and kept them off. I was very impressed! Also works great on ticks. We have a border collie who is outside most of the time, and in the woods alot. Bio Spot is the only thing I will put on him. Occasionally I will find a tick on him, but its usually dead, and its better than picking 20 off a day!

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I adopted a 9 month old Skye Terrier in 2005. Used Frontline on him once a month without fail. No fleas. Found one dead tick....however, in October 2010 he became ill and was diagnosed with ehrlichia. Treatment did not work and he died a week later. An autopsy was done and it was said he had advanced ehrlichia. He had shown no symptoms until that week. Frontline did not protect him.

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I have a Persian cat never had fleas till I took him to groomed
In about 2weeks he was covered in fleas. The vet and I used Frontline on him nothing still had fleas but now in carpet. I used salt,borax and still have them so today I bought Enforcer. flea powder for carpets.I am scared to use it. Does anyone have any advice on this powder? I have bought Advantage he seem to be doing some good but I am scared of all of these flea killers. I lost my kitty 6 yrs ago to Bio Spot,I found her dead the next morning after applying it

to her the nite before.

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We have several pets and in the past Frontline plus did the job! But for whatever reason it is no longer working at ALL!! I even tried other places hoping that maybe the ones I purchased were simply old (although it did not show expired). Same thing...our cats and dogs are scratching themselves and sure enough there were fleas crawling all over them just a day or two after treatment! What is going on? Have the fleas become immune to this EXPENSIVE product? If so, what are our options?

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I have used Frontline for 13 years on my Golden and it worked great BUT not this year. The past two months I have applied it on time but my now 14 year old is loaded with fleas. I am going to try the Advantix this month and am also looking into NEEM oils that are supposed to disorient the bugs so they starve and fall off in a few days.

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I would never use frontline ever again, my parents used it on our dog (she got it every year), and immediately after she got it she sort of 'shook all over' right after they applied it to her back. Soon after, she had a serious seizure, and continued to have them. They put her on anti seizure meds, but she kept going downhill. Not sure if the frontline caused it, or maybe it was all those vaccinations too, but she ended up having to be put to sleep last November. :( I suspect the frontline, because she had had a reaction to the time before the 'last' time it was applied as well.

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I gave my 1 yr old cat a frontline treatment, a few hours later he was having muscle type spasms. Within 30 minutes of the spasms starting I had him laying across my lap trying to comfort him when he went into a grand mal seizure.
It happened after regular office hours and the nearest emergency vet is a minimum of 45 minutes away. The seizure lasted nearly 5 minutes but felt like an hour. I held him and prayed until it passed, fearing any second he would take his last breath. Thanks to God he pulled thru and seems to suffer no after damage.
Will NEVER use Frontline again for any of my pets.

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having just purchased a new pack of frontline spot on for dogs of 20-40 kg on opening it i find it contains a very small dose and the pipette pack is marked up spot on for cats now i have to wait untill monday to change it and complain so please open and check before you leave the shop as i wonder how many more wrong packs there are

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after reading billskats post i wonder if cat owners are are getting the large dog dose that should have been in my pack i hope not

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Comfortis. Pill form. And works 10x's better then frontline or the knock off sold at Wal-Mart. That stuff is worthless!

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It is very good flea control product.We have been using Advantage on our dogs for some time; works well but is expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: flea control

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My mom gave her dog frontline, and she had a seizure almost immediately afterwards. I would stay the heck away from anything like that for your pets.

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