Goat Ate Large Plastic Bag Help

southofbostonJune 19, 2009

I have two large 2 year old wethers. I had left a bag of 3 foot bamboo sticks leaning up against their fence and found them scattered tonight with no bag in site. I suspect my goat with the smaller rumen ate it but can't know for sure other then one of the two got to it. The bag was clear, about 4 inches round and 3 feet long. Has anyone had a similar experience and how did they fair? These guys are half brothers who have been healthy and never been to vet and we really don't have many experienced "goat" vets in my area so we have no vet to date. Even if I find one, is there a way to determine which goat ate the plastic and at that point, is surgery absolute? I don't have the thousands suspected cost, but I love both these guys and will do what I must . At present, all seems fine. Any imput greatly appreciated.

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Southofboston, usually goats won't eat junk unless they are starving, and yours sound like they are well fed and loved a lot :-). I was worried my goats ate some duct tape and found it later in a wad on the ground, so maybe your wethers chewed it around and then spit it out somewhere. I have a good friend who's son is a vet in New Hampshire, he really knows a lot about goats, so you could try calling the Deerfield Vet Clinic, 603-463-7775, and tell him the crazy hippy lady from Black Forest gave you his number to ask about your goats.


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wow. 3 feet long? That's a lot of plastic. Geesh I'm not so sure that will pass through. Mine will nibble on a plastic bag, but not eat the entire thing.

I would start monitoring & documenting both for excretions & abnormal behavior (achy stomach, irritableness, fever). I think I would give them mineral oil orally. Be careful though as they cannot taste mineral oil & they can aspirate it very easily. Also Probios or live culture yogurt. I would also get on the phone & find a vet (do you have any universities near you?) that can help you help them. You have some time before the plastic starts causing issues-but I wouldn't wait too long.

I would also search long & hard for the bag and/or remnants of it so you at least know how much they ate. Maybe you'll get lucky & find they only ate an inch or two, or it blew into the neighbors yard. It may even be chewed up & spit out in a ball. If they swallowed any of it they probably had to finish it.

I hope they stay well for you. Do you remember if it was thick plastic or thin stuff?

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www.goat411.com these are experienced goat people give them a shot.

My 3 nubian wethers are 5 and only one that will taste just about anything, can't say he eats it all though. Check around I am sure they are guilty of removing the plastic but not sure they ate it. If it didn't take good they didn't eat it now wood is a different story. My feeling is the wind blew it away. Please use the forum they have saved me in vet bills a few time. Good luck and let us know.

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