Mallard Hen Egg Impacted??

LbanosJune 26, 2012

Hi there. We own a waterfowl refuge in Central California. However, we have two Mallards (Hen & Drake), same for Speckled Geese, and four chickens...Reds, as part of our two legged family. For months and months we get one duck egg per day. Then all of a sudden 2 days ago our hen has become silent and less interactive with us, and looking as if she is about to drop 4 eggs, but fails to produce. She normally is the most vocal of all the coup. She is just hanging out in her usual roost, but doesn't come to say Hi when we get near, like usual. Her behind is swollen and dragging on the ground for the most part. She is easy to handle, but I don't want to upset her if there is something going on. And, he is fussing over her constantly. Any suggestions as to what is going on? There have been no changes in their habitat or routines...even the temperature has been pretty mile for Central California.


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Sounds like she may be egg bound. There are a few ways to try and get the egg out, but if you can't see the egg (if there is skin in the way) you may not be able to and may need a vet.

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