please help!!! baby duck!

klawJune 22, 2010

We found a baby duck today! It's eyes are covered (unopened) and it doesn't have feathers.... I've been feeding it crushed cherioes mixed with water (paste-like) PLEASE help??? Never had a duck... it fell out of the nest. When do I feed it.... how much.... etc... what do I feed it....

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Your duck doesn't sound like he/she is doing very well. He/she should be fully feathered and eyes open. Wonder if mama rejected it because she sensed something was wrong.

If you wish to try, you must provide heat of some sort. A light bulb placed high enough to provide some heat yet far enough away so he/she can get away if it's too hot. I *think* the temps should be somewhere near 80 degrees, then slowly decrease it. I fear the featherless baby will get sun-burned (bulb-burned). Can you tell, is the body showing signs of looking like the egg sack shape? Hard to expain what I mean. This is what feeds them for the first few days of life, and disappears quickly. It will give you an indication of it's age. Also make absolutely sure your set-up cannot fall or start a fire!

Water-place a re-sealable iced tea container plastic cover near the duckling(shallow so it won't drown). Gently bob his/her beak into the water, couple times he/she should catch on that water is to drink. Keep the duckling dry.

Food should be a wild bird mash, if not get a poultry grower mash. Cheerios are fine for tonight but tomorrow you should start her on proper food. A whole bag will last you a very long time. Again, gently bob the head into the mash-you should get a response if the duckling isn't too weak.

Good luck to you, though don't be surprised if you lose him/her. He/She doesn't sound very healthy.


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Oh, almost forgot. Ducklings need to be able to clear out their nostrils on their beak. They do this by swishing their beak in water.


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He/she seemed kinda strong... my dad thinks it's 2 weeks old... it's skin is thin... I can see veins... We have the bird in a butter dish with paper towels as nesting in a shop that is a bit above 80 degrees... it's making a faint cry but if it knows I'm around it'll stand up and act like it needs feeding. what do I do with it tonight? Can I leave it alone?

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It's a wood duck. Please help... I have no expertise or help.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

wood duck I would call wildlife hospital quickly!!!

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It's probably looking for either food or mama to snuggle with. Place a small cardboard box (cut a cereal box slightly larger than the duck) so help provide some comfort/cave-like area. Offer an old soft dishrag for him/her so sleep on, but nothing he/she can get tangled in. Paper towels are good but will get messy quickly, and when he/she gets better he/she will nibble on it. He/she would probably appreciate being cuddled in your palm.

As far as a feeding schedule-provide food & water at all times, if he/she is strong enough they will eat. If not you may have to feed him/her. Just small amounts.

2 weeks old and no feathers....I'm at a loss. Don't know what to think. Maybe one of the resident bird experts can offer further help.

You probably have no choice but to leave it alone tonight, unless you plan on sleeping with it in your bedroom? It will be lonly & looking for mama, possibly jumping out a the container. You will have to secure it from predators-even rats can eat the baby so be aware & provide shelter appropriately.

Again Good luck to both of you!

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Now I have a couple of questions-

Are wood ducks endangered?

Are they known to have no feathers at 2 weeks?

Please educate me on wood ducks.


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I don't know of any wildlife hospitals. My dad just told me to take care of it... please, I don't want to overfeed it, I don't want it to die, I promise you, but I really don't have the resources right now. Can I let it spend the night alone? I've read that vets don't help. What can I do until I *can* get help?? I'm 17 and have never done this before... Please, how often do I feed it... and about over night.

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I've put the baby to bed. I gave it some water with a syringe-- it didn't really react to the shallow dish of water. When it hears me coming, it really perks up and reaches around for food. What are the chances that this is a different type of bird? My dad and grandad were sure it was a wood duck, though. I have placed a hot water bottle (covered in rag) near it's butter dish/nest. It won't get cooler than 80 there tonight. Currently 83. I can't be sure, but I thought I saw it's eyes open. Thanks for your help, I'll post in the morning.

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My Duck aka-- Red headed Wood Pecker!!! Is now in a safe wildlife rehab center.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I am so GLAD for you!!!!! And woody!!!
I was in Lowes and a peep was discovered Everyone there thought it was a duck . I raise ducks but also have a resident Cormorant so I knew that is what it was. A Cormorant,they quickly called The Wildlife place to take care of it.
Now you cab breathe a sigh of relief because you DID take care of it properly!

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this morning my husband and i found 5 baby duck on our porch we looked for mama duck and she was no where to be seen we left them alone thinking she would come and she never did that was at 8 this morning and it now 2:00 pm i called the wild life people they said to just let them go but around my place where people have a lot of dogs and there are outside cats and I'm afraid that they will get killed so i have taken them in there are five babes about 6-8 weeks old they have some feather i have given them water and they have gone for a swim and i was told i could give them a little oatmeal that is watered down so it east for them to eat it warm out so they are outside in a cooler with paper towels they look like mallard ducks. I have a feeds store right by me but what do i get them to eat ? thank you for any and all help

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