Baby Turkeys

beegood_gwJune 8, 2008

Well one of my wild turkey hens finally hatched some chicks. Don't know for sure how many as they are truely wild. Hope I can get them before it's time to eat them .One hen is still sitting.Will have sort them out tomorrow.Wish me luck.

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How are your baby Turkeys doing, Beegood? I'd love to see pics! Kathy

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I've got 14 chicks and they are doing really well. When i figure out the mystery of posting a picture I'll post some,I wish you could just browse and there was your picture--but no you have have to have Posting 101 before you can do this.Or maybe I'm just not too bright.!

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try Photobucket it is very easy to use and once you have your photos in there click in the HTML box under the photo you want to post and it automatically copies the link then go to the forum you want to post in right click the box next to "optional link URL" and hit hit paste. Name of the link is what you want people to see. Sounds hard but I guarantee once you do it one time it is so simple.

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket tutorial with pictures

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