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kimreko(7)June 10, 2009

We had a mating pair of ducks. The female laid 18 eggs this spring and hatched all but 2. The male and female mated (I think) once or twice before the male went missing. (I think he got out of the yard when the gate was open. Anyway, the female began laying eggs again about 2 weeks after her babies were born. I collected the one egg a day and was going to use them in cooking. A few days of this and she moved her nest (for a 3rd time) She has again laid a total of 18 eggs and is starting to set on them most of the day. Could these be fertile as well? If so, is this normal for a duck to hatch more then 1 clutch a season?

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

most wild birds will only hatch one clutch. domestics are another story. chickens can stay fertile from one mating for three weeks. it sounds like more time than that has passed, so i would assume not.

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So if these eggs are not fertile...then what do I do with them. Everytime I have taken her eggs from her she moves her nest(s) and begins to lay again.

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