we just got a goat today and she is peeing blood with pee

bree00June 6, 2009

what does this mean?? she acts fine. i can't really afford a vet right now so are ther any natural remedies? or is this a normal thing? please help me

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im not exactly sure if its blood but it looks like blood!

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get your money back.

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Have no idea what it means in a goat, but it was NOT good news when my DH did that. Two months later, his left kidney was removed.

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Can you give us any more background on this goat? Has she recently kidded? What kind of goat is it? What kind of shape is she in and how about the people you "got" her from, do they have anything to say about it? Goats are a big responsibility - maybe if you just called your vet and asked about the problem over the phone they could help you. It is also not too expensive to just have a urine sample analyzed, that would give you an idea of what is going on.


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jennybog(zone 5)

Is it brown or red? Goats pee brown when thety are very stressed. Do to moves etc.. You can also get probotics that will help. Jenny

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How old is the goat? Whatever you do you need to find a vet that is knowledgeable about goats especially for the next time that you get a goat. Alot of vets do not have any experience with goats and you are left to your own devices or the advise of other people. I would definitely contact a vet anyway to see what they say.

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