HAVE: Have: extreme newbie with small generic inventory

manda713March 11, 2014

As the title says im an extreme newbie. Extreme meaning this is my first ever garden...and im new to this site as this is the first time i have ever been on it. The seeds i have are left over from the packets i bought at the store. I would be looking for 5 seeds or less because that is about what i have to trade of each flower. I am looking for any flower really. I am not picky i would just like to have a nice looking garden around my home.

I have to trade:
African Daisy
Marigold (french dwarf double mixed colors)

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I have plenty of seeds to help get you started. Email me at jryder@usa.com.

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jensyen ( z7 MD )(7a)

Bakemom is offering seeds with her Newbie Seed Project offer.

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Hey jensyen how do i get ahold of bakemom? like i said im so new to this place im kind of lost on how to do anything here haha

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jensyen ( z7 MD )(7a)

Sorry, Didn't see your post. Here is the link to her post.

HAVE: Newbie seed project - keep requests coming!
I have plenty of flower packs left 20+ packs of seeds for 5 stamps and a mailing label.
Please post and be sure your email is available for me to contact you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bakemom's Newbie Seed Project

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

When you post on here we want to be able to email you. That way we don't put our address and private information on the site for all the stalkers and crazies to see.
If you go to the bottom of the page it will say "Member Pages". Click on it. Then click on Edit Details (or something like that). You can enter your email address. It won't show up here. People will use the Gardenweb email system to contact you.

You can also click on Member Pages and then Click on Edit Exchange Lists. There are 4 categories: seeds you have to trade, seeds you want, plants you ahve to trade and plants you want. Keep this up to date.

Here's the trick. See at the top when you posted:
Posted by manda713 none (My Page) on Tue, Mar 11, 14 at 21:02

Anyone who is logged in can click on (My Page) after your name to email you, look at your list, etc. That's how you email other people on the seeds they have to offer. It's one of those things that people on the site know, but the site doesn't do a good job explaining it. Then once you know the secret you're in!

Now my listing will show that I've answered your thread. You can click on (My Page) after my name, then click on "send an email" and email your address. I can send you seeds to get started.

Believe it or not I started a few years ago. I thought these people were crazy. They had lists of seeds longer than their arm. Now I have a list like that. It's truly an addiction, but I think it's a good one. You're not gambling or drinking. It may take over your allowance of money, but that's why you're here...to save seeds and save money!
Some people are Gold level. They want to know the regular name (sunflower), the latin name (helianthus) and the cultivar or variety (russian mammoth). The more information you have, the happier people are. I'm closer to the Bronze level. I have found, however, that morning glories in Nebraska are vines and morning glories in California are bushes so that's why the latin name is good to put with it. You can google the latin name and find a picture.
People here are generally very generous. They like to make good trades. Also there's a place where you clan leave rate and review. Feel free to look there and see what someone's reputation is with trades.
I didn't keep track of trades when I started, but I only traded one at a time. Then I forgot what I was doing. Develop some kind of system to keep track of who you are trading with, what seeds they are sending, what seeds you are getting and when you sent. It gets mixed up pretty fast some days.
We have a love-hate relationship with the post office. Sometimes it's slick and easy. Other times they charge extra, they smash seeds or they rip open envelopes. Be sure and cushion the seeds you send with kleenex or bubble wrap. Be sure and label your seeds well, too.
Beware, this is a hobby that turns into an addition and we all deny it and we all love it!
Heidi in Nebraska

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kchd(7b/8a MS)

Heidi, you are so awesome for posting your extremely helpful and encouraging reply to this newbie. I love it!!

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Thank you so much for all the helpful information!

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