Organic Chicken Feed vs. Regular Layer Feed

gardengal19June 23, 2011

Does it really matter which feed to use?

I do not intend to sell organic eggs but, I would like to have healthy eggs for personal use. What type of feed do you use?

I would supplement their feed with some veggies and fruits, crickets etc. occasionally. The chicks have free access to as much grass as they want.

I just wonder if it makes a difference to use organic feed. It costs a lot more but, I'm not sure if the benefits of using organic feed is really worth it.

I'd appreciate your thoughts about organic feed for laying chickens.


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I worry about the general feed that we buy because of all the stuff they put in it (like hydrogenated vegetable oil!), plus I worry that they're using GMO corn or soy in it too, which isn't good for birds either. Depends on how much you want your eggs to cost, plus you have to make sure that the feed is 'really' organic, sometimes they'll say organic but it's not 100 percent organic. We sort of hedge our bets by letting our birds out every day to eat bugs, grass, seeds and whatever they can find. We do supplement with the feed too.

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I wish I could even find organic chicken feed. I have enough trouble finding non-medicated without driving all over the country!

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There is a Mennonite-owned mill where we are able to buy non-GMO feeds for our chickens, pigs and cows. It does cost more but not nearly as much as organic (typically twice as much).
Not only do I believe that non-GMO grains are better for my creatures but I try hard not to buy any GMO products on principle--the idea of corporations patenting and controlling our food supply is immoral and GMOs are a rebellion against nature.

You can mix your own non-GMO feed as our friends who avoid soy do. Their mix consists largely of field peas as the protein substitution for soy. They say it costs about 20-25% more, I think.

We also feed clabbered milk from our non-GMO milk cows which is a great source of protein. We are now raising Freedom Ranger meat chickens largely on clabbered milk (supplementing with non-GMO broiler formula).

I would have to get the recipe from my friend for the homemade mix but could if anyone is interested in it.

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