Morning Glory Invasion!!!

wannabegardnerddJune 4, 2009

I recently transformed a neglected flower bed into a veggi garden. Unfortunatley I didnt get everything up because the morning glory's are still coming up everywhere. I spend more time pulling these suckers up than actual weeds! Does any one know of anyhting that will kill these bad boys without harming my veggies?

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nope ;) Any kind of spray that will kill them will kill the veggies as well.

If your veggies are all plants and not still seeds waiting to germinate you can try organic preen which is a germination inhibitor. It's basically just overpriced corn gluten meal and is perfectly safe for use around veggies. For some this works well and for others it doesn't. Don't use regular Preen though as it's not safe around veggies, but the organic Preen is.

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Morning glories, while abundant if you let the vines go to seed the previous year, are REALLY easy to kill. They don't grow back from the root or anything. Just go over the area with a rake or hoe and break the stems and they are dead. I welcome morning glories as weeds because they are easy to kill unlike some others.

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dave_f1 SC, USDA Zone 8a(7b)

A pre-emergent herbicide (germination inhibitor) won;t prevent morning-glory from coming up...seed are large and the seed coat is very tough. The seed also persist in the soil for years, so will continue coming up year after year. Even when large vines, they have a small root system and are very easy to pull up. If they're small enough, hoeing is best. If that's your only weed problem, consider yourself fortunate. Dave

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anney(Georgia 8)

Just be glad it isn't wild morning glory or bindweed, which a lot of people mistake for domestic morning glories. If it were, you'd probably have it other places than only in your ex-flower bed.

I agree, domestic morning glories certainly reseed themselves easily, but the plant won't come back if you pull it up. Eventually all the seeds will have sprouted, and if you've gotten rid of them, maybe then you can start pulling crabgrass or bermuda or some other weeds that will make you cuss!

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Yeah I hear ya on the Crabgrass.... >:>( I hate the stuff.

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I feel like they just keep coming up. Never ending battle! I guess Ill just keep pulling away, and I think because my garden is so small next year Ill consider putting down that black mat stuff (i dont know exactly what its called)...but I know it helps control anything that tries to grow under it. Thanks for all the tips, hopefully my back will survive the summer of morning glories!!!

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