baby chick coop bedding

Natilie70(z8 E Tx)June 12, 2008

I have been reading about hay vs straw for the nest boxes and how they can get moldy and cause problems. I had not thought of that. Are the old leaves I have on the coop floor OK for the baby chicks ?? I know not newspaper. If the leaves are not OK then I guess pine shavings and I cannot guarantee the hay bales or straw bales I have that is quite old in the barn is OK. thanks Chicks arrive tomorrow - as soon as I go pick them up and get them under the broody.

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

I use paper towels for the first week then switch to pine shavings, but I don't use a broody. You can't go wrong w/the shavings.


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they sell a large bag of packed pine shavings in walmart for about $6. the lady I brought my chicks from said this bag lasts forever and helps with the odors. are you putting the chicks straight in the coop? Try using a rubbermaid bucket first. They are about $4 in walmart.

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Natilie70(z8 E Tx)

In my coop is fresh dead leaves from last fall on the floor. I just cleaned and changed them. The broody cochin hen is sitting on her nest and I'll put the chicks under her tonight. Do you still think I need a bucket also ?? My other 2 hens are in a tractor pen that I move around. So mother and chicks have the coop all to themselves. Later when they get bigger, they will have a separate pen attached to the coop that they can run in and out of - it has smaller mesh fencing to make sure they cannot get out. I like the idea of the pine shavings - and especially for odor. Had not thought of that.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

We always used black and white news print with no ill effects.

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well I suggested the bucket because they are in a smaller space that can be heated for the first couple of weeks but really I am not sure if this is a neccessity. I move mines outside to the pen tomorrow if it finished. I have used hay in the bucket but when I put them in the pen I plan to use the pine shavings. they are messy little buggers. You mentioned old hay. if there is mold on it I do not think that is going to be safe. mold is bad for every thing. I don't see any reason why you could not use the leaves but will it control odors? are they absorbant? And what happens when they get wet? My experience with leaves are when they get wet they turn into a soggy mess. I said the pine shavings were $6 but today I brough a smaller bag and it was $3.
wishing you well

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