baby goat gone again!

casi(5)June 12, 2008

My baby goat has disappeared again. I imagine I was only due 1 miracle. We are just sick. Today we moved her pen to adjoin our smaller barn so she would have good shelter. She was so good....followed us around; never acted like she wanted to leave. This afternoon after we checked on her, she wanted to follow us and we watched her jump into the gate 3 times. She knocked the gate so hard that it loosened the latch and the gate came open. I guess that was a bad thing. We tightened the latch and watched her try it a couple of times and saw that it was secure. Tonite after dinner i wennt to get her to let her out for a couple of hours while we were outside. We found the gate was wide open and she was gone! I just don't understand why she left. She seemed so attached to us. Both times when she got the gate open she came straight up to the house where we were. I'm praying for another miracle but I can't hardly believe that we will get another chance. We went this afternoon and made arrangements to get her a little friend, but he won't be ready til next week to leave his Mom. What a heart breaker!

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Flowerhen(z4 Maine)

HI there,,,I was wondering if your baby goat has come back??? I hope he did !!

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No, she hasn't. We have looked and looked. Since she came back the last time, it gives us hopes that she might come back again, but it may have just been an accident that she found her way back then. It was amazing that she didn't get eaten by critters! I can't get her off my mind. I've been praying and praying.

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well here is my story, I paid this guy big bucks to put an electic fence around the open end of my barn and an area about a 1/4 acre around the yard. I brought 2 baby goats and as soon as I got them home I out them in the pen they ran off through the elec fence, through my neighbors yard and through the woods. We searched for hours which turned to days and could not find them. They were gone for 3 days. At the same time I was doing extensive yard work and burning brush in a pile in the yard and the next day I saw goat turds which told me they were laying by the burning embers at night but still no other sign of where they were. That gave me hope that they were still in the neighborhood. On my barn stalls I attached some hog wire fencing, made a gate by overlapping the fence put a piece of wood on the edge for support. I layed wood along the bottom of the fence so they could not push it out and staked it with rebar. I close the gate with a chain with an "s-hook" to close it.
Well every day I would look for the goats and no luck. I called animal control and they said they do not help with livestock but they did take a lost animal report. On the third day they called me and said they got a compaint 2 blocks away of some goats eating the insulation off someones house. I headed over there and still no luck. They recomennded an animal trapper who charged me $75 to find the goats. He found them in about 30 minutes in the area where Animal control got the complaint. He said he did not have the equipment to trap them and he would be back to capture them and would discuss the final bill when he got back. Well some nosey old men asked what we were doing and where I lived and I told them. I went back home to make sure the pen was okay. I started to go back around but before I got out my driveway here came the 2 old men with the goats in the back of the truck. they said some dogs had got to the goats so they chased the dogs off chased the goats down and brought them home to me.
So the story had a good ending because I got the goats back but they are so people skittish now I am not enjoying them at all. This happened about 2 months ago.
Anyway I have the barn fixed now where they are not able to get out the pen. I have not let them out into the pasture yet because I am scared of them escaping again.

I hope you find the goats. Look around in the woods, call animal control and put in a lost pet report and make sure you let your neighbors know the goat is out there. Mines were hanging around in the woods, like I said, 2 blocks away.
Good luck to you!!

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3 days have passed are they home yet?

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We had a similar experience with a good ending. My son took his 4-H Market goat in to Rally Days to get weighed, tagged, etc. When he got home, everybody else went into the house and Doug (my son) was putting his goat away. Our house dog was out and came around the corner to see what was going on. As soon as the goat saw the dog, he took off into the woods. We searched for hours, fearing a stray dog or bear would get him. No luck. About 4 hours later, we heard the geese honking, looked out and there was the little wether trying to get back into the pen to be with the other goats. We were soooo lucky!

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Well, She is back!!! We got her back last night. She was at a neighbor's house, quite a ways away. We believe that our schnauzer probably chased her off, or she would have come to the house. The neighbor lady said she came to her porch and was peeking in the window at her! She wants in the house so bad! We secured the door to her pen last night with rope and then this morning we didn't let her see us until after church today. After we fed her we went back to the house for lunch. It didn't take very long before she showed up on the porch. We have no idea how she got out now! We are getting her playmate this week. Surely the playmate will keep her entertained so she won't be wanting to escape so badly. I am so happy to have her back, just don't know how long to expect her to stay!

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I would call her Houdini. She sure has a talent for escaping. A buddy shud keep her happier unless you have 2 escape artists and twice the trouble.Just joking.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I would look VERY carefully and see if you can fix where she is getting out. You do NOT want her to get the habit of escaping whenever she feels like it. She seems to think she can do it now, and it may take quite a while to break her of the habit. Your neighbors may think she is cute now, but neither they, nor you, will be happy with a goat - maybe two if she teaches her buddy to come with her - eating gardens and walking on cars, not to mention the dollars it may cost to replace what she may damage!!!! Even though it may seem cruel to keep her in the pen, just think what it could be like when she is grown, and start as you mean to go on.

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

I had a goat once that escaped all the time. I finally got to see her do it. She would jump on one thing, to another, another working her way up and over the fence. Her house ended up being an A frame so she couldn't use the top to jump from! It was wild to watch. Pretty smart bugger she was.

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Yes, I know that goats can get into a lot of trouble. That is why I didn't even want to get one. My new husband is the one who wanted the goat; actually he wanted a couple of them. We live way out in the country. My daughter bought "Princess" for Father's Day for him. As it turns out I'm the one who has gotten attached to her. I have been obsessed with her this week, with her disappearing twice! We have had her in and out of her pen all day and she hasn't escaped but once this morning. She has to have climbed over the chain link. We have watched her this afternoon, thinking we would catch her getting out, but I think since she is still a baby, by the time we put her back in, she is ready to settle down and rest and hasn't tried to come back out.

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I am so glad you got her back. now the task of keeping her in....

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Flowerhen(z4 Maine)

I am really happy you got your goat back !! Please, make sure she doesn't escape,,,next time you might not be so lucky !!. Goodluck with her !!. They like trouble. LOL

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Thanks for all your well wishes! Just wanted you to know that Princess is doing good. She has spent the last 2 days outside with us while we do chores. At night we are putting her in her pen. She got out of it just once and we secured her exit and now I think she is "In" for good. She has been so exhausted by the time we put her in for the night, she doesn't even try to get out. When we are in the house she stays on the porch. She seems comfortable with our routine and has started grazing. I was worried about her there for awhile because she wasn't eating. Hopefully we will be getting her a playmate in the next couple of days!

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