need to clip goose wings?

woodrose711June 10, 2009

I have 11 4-week old Pilgrim geese. They are getting their feathers and are hopping aroud a bit, but not getting off the ground. When they are adults, will they be heavy enough so they won't get off the ground, or will I need to clip their wings?

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Leave the wings alone. They have no chance to fly. Way to heavy. None of the geese can fly except a wild Canadian goose.

none of the ducks are wing clipped either. except maybe a wild duck like a mallard.

Do not worry you will know when to clip a bird wing. For now clip no wings.

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I agree no wing clipping needed. I have two Roman Tufted and during the day they have the run of our fenced in yard. When they first got their flight wings they saw me outside the fence and decided to follow. They've flown over it twice but only at the beginning, barely clearing it, but they couldn't wait to get back in. Mind you the fence is only 4.5 feet high and they barly made it.

They are now 4 and haven't done it since. Mine are happy grazing on the grass, making nests and laying eggs, they are both females and lay about 50 eggs a year. They have the life. Of course they LOVE their kiddy pool.

Good luck they are a handful. Of course I wouldn't trade mine for anything.

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Get them a Gander so they can have fun and hatch a few.

You will love it with baby geese following the parents.

I used to have 30 geese. 5 or 6 different kinds. Loved them but I really dont want geese these days. I had a pair of rouen ducks that I really loved. Fox got them.

I will stick with chickens because they go inside the house at night. The ducks and geese wanted to stay outside at night.

Your Roman Tuffed goose would be more acceptable because it is smaller. They also give more eggs. I had huge geese and they ate too much. Well with 30 huge geese they went through a bag of food pretty fast.

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