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msjay2u(7)June 2, 2008

I did a search and found some chicken brooders that you guys have set up. I went shooping today and I brought:

A 29 gal rubbermaid bucket ($6)

an auto feeder and a waterer that look like this ($4 each) and now I notice the chicken feeders and waterers have small round access holes. will what I brought work???

one of those dangerous lights that you can only buy at walmart ($7)

a ordinary 100 watt bulb (79 cents)

I need to get some bedding and wondering if regular hay will work. i accidently brought cedar muclch ( I meant to buy pine mulch). I know I can not use the cedar so I will put it in the garden. I hated to spend $7 on the pine BEDDING so I was looking for an alternative. I have lots of hay but that won't do jack for the smell.

lastly I have not been able to find chick starter feed yet. can I use duck pellets? I have about 40 lbs left over from my ducks.

oh and what do you guys store your feed in?

Do I need to devise a different top on the bin or can I leave it with no top?


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Please ignor this thread if you are going to respond because I forgot to check the box to get a copy of my replies via email. I have done another one and I checked the box on it. Thank you. I wish there was a way to delete my posts when I forget to check the box!!!

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