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runningtrailsJuly 12, 2008

OK, I have my chickens now (and they are so beautiful!!!) however, they are only laying tiny eggs and laying them all over. I think, of the dozen we have collected since they arrived, only two were found in the nexting boxes. Some are even found outside.

The boxes are about 14" wide and tall with lots of soft material and one or two egg-sized smooth rocks in each.

Will they eventually lay in the nesting boxes? Will the eggs get bigger as the chickens mature and settle into their new home?

I'm not sure how old they are. They were called "ready to lay" by the Co-Op and are red sex-links. The rooster that came with them is only four months old.

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are you using laying feed? I think from what I read the first eggs will be small. are the boxes kind of in a private dark spot? did you put soft bedding material in it?

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Well, I was wrong, they do use it. It seems to be a great bos to roost on and poop in. Putting something in it for them to scratch for to eat is a good idea. I'll try that.

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