Dusting box question

runningtrailsJuly 12, 2008

I made the chickens a great dusting box (or so I thought) but I don't think they use it. They prefer to dig holes in the yard and use those instead. Some are dusting in the wood shavings I put on the floor of the house. I put the dusting box inside the coop to keep it dry and put in sifted dust from outside, some fine sand, wood ash and DE. I want them to use what I have made with the DE. They lay in these holes they have dug in the yard and nap too. It's fairly sandy soil. One dug a hole, and insisted on laying in it, right in front of the coop door where the other gals had to step on her to get outside. (I think I'm going to put something over that one to prevent that.)

Should I move the dusting box that I made outside or put some of the DE and wood ash in the holes they are using?

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The nerve!!
Animals can be so unappreciate of our hard work.

Are your dusting boxes big and deep enough? I have no idea of the size it is supposed to be but I plan on using s kitty litter pan.

If I were you I would put something in the box to attract them to it. maybe a few worms or something so they will get in it and start digging. Once they dig they will get the feel of it and maybe come to like it. also maybe you can move it over one of the spots they chose. there may be a reason in their chicken brain that they chose that spot.

I'm no expert I'm just throwing out some ideas I would try...

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