chicken feed and water questions

runningtrailsJuly 9, 2008

I have found this forum to be a great help! Im getting my first chickens today. 12 hens and 1 rooster - ready to lay - red sex links.

Do you leave the layer pellets out for the chickens 24/7? Mine will also get scraps an garden compost, bugs, etc but I'm giving them layer pellets, as well.

Should I remove the pellets at nightfall to keep out the mice?

They will have one waterer inside the coop. Will that be enough? WIll they know where it is and use it there? Should I put another one outside? How often should I change the water. It's a slow feed automatic waterer. The water is not in the open.

Do I mix the crushed egg shsells with the pellets or keep separate, free choice. Will the mice come for the egg shells also, do I need to remove those as well?

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I leave the layer pellets out for mine. If you are concerned about mice you can take them up at night.
I crumble up the egg shells and just toss them out for the hens. Mine usually don't leave any laying around.
I think that chicken scratch is what will attract the mice the most. Since that is just a treat only put out what they will eat in say 10 minutes.
Fresh water is important to all livestock. I change mine at least once a day. When it's hot more often. I would have at least 2 waterers for that many birds.
Good for you for researching poultry. I think you are off to a good start. Just having the birds is a learning experience. You will learn a lot of little things as you go. Like the best place to keep the feed to keep it clean, how much your birds will eat and what they like best.
Good Luck!

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