I need help with my new baby duck.

julietanaseJuly 21, 2013

I just recently got a duckling from the local pet store, and I bought all the supplies that was needed for him too. Before that I read online all about ducks and how they are one of the best pets to have because they can imprint on you. (especially if they are inside ducks, which mine will be)
I've also read all the instructions on how to take care of a duck and I'm even in the process of making him diapers so he can freely walk around the house, but I am worried that I still don't have all the small important bits of information needed to successfully raise and hand tame a happy duck so if anyone who has raised ducks or knows anything about them, could give me some more detailed information that would be the greatest thing in the world right now!! Also, my duck seems to always be chirping for me and he's always making sure he can see me but when I try to pick him up or my hand comes anywhere near his box he freaks out. Is that normal?

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Hi Julie, I too started my ducks out in the house. I got the first duckling a companion early on so she could have a friend. The first one acted very much like yours, with the chirping and the fear of hands coming at her (so did the second one). I know it's not my business, but why are you going to keep this duck in the house after it's big enough to live outside? Ducks are not indoor creatures, they need room to forage and a small pool to bathe in and a secure pen to spend the night in. Please don't put a diaper on your duck, it sounds awful. I know there are people who have done just that, but don't you have a yard, even a small one?
Ducks are messy, which I'm sure you know by now. Do right by the little guy; get it a friend, an outside space with a water source, even if it's small will do. My ducks went outside when they were six weeks to a pen with a small foot tub as a bath. They went out with the chickens after they seemed big enough to defend themselves and come in willingly at dusk back to the pen. If you have a yard, please do your duck justice, get it a friend, build a small secure pen, and create a small water source (for bathing). Your duck will still love you, in fact, it will love you even more!

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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

Give him shade, a pool, and let him in the house with a diaper, but I think you will need to get him a friend for outside. I don't have ducks, but one hatch of chicken eggs left me with only one chick. We bought her a little stuffed animal toy, til she was old enough to go out with the main flock.


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