How Does Your Garden Grow?

nelda1234July 8, 2009

Hi everybody, Just wanted to take the time to check in with everybody! We are all busy with our gardens and new projects this summer and wanted to know how everybody was doing. My garden is doing well despite all the rain that we have been having---my potatoes are blooming and are standing about 15,16 inches high--the irrigation system I did in the tater patch has been working great! My Sweetpotatoes are doing fantastic--I have never grown them before so I am excited about those :) If I could find some bushel baskets I would plant more of them but can't seem to find any that are "free" or "cheap"-Oh well, they were just a test plant this year--now next year--whole different story. All my girls are really cranking out the eggs, about 80 a day--still have some slackers that have not started laying yet LOL! My tomatoes are making little tomatoes and my Greenbeans are blooming----Oh and I had a young girl that was egg bound--what an experience that was---no really!! :)

So how about everybody else, runningtrails,velvet, msjay, etc....what is everybody doing? Roll Call...............

Happy days to everybody!!!

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Planted potatoes in a stack of tires and they are growing. Main garden got a late start but good except the carrots; lots of strawberries for the first time. Very little on the fruit trees. Five new chicks and 3 broodies "due" in a couple of days. Pigs are getting fat and love the "pergula" my husband made for their pen with cut saplings. Life is good!

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

Great idea, Nelda!

My tomatoes and cucumbers are blooming and doing well! The squash, gourds, luffahs and pumpkins are finally growing with the new heat but are behind due to such cool weather we have had this summer. I am hoping to get something from them, even just for the seeds. The groundhog ate the initial leaves off the squash but it has bounced back. The small cantaloupe I planted has done nothing. Carrots are up, if we can find them in the grass and weeds.

The peas have pods, the beans have blooms and the corn is higher than the grass. All doing well.

The strawberries have not produced as hoped. I guess that's due to the cool weather and lack of sun here.

I planted a field of sunflowers to dry for winter chicken feed and four that were suppose to get 15' high. The groundhog ate ALL of them! No sunflowers left. I have to get rid of that groundhog. Most of the other things I planted for chicken feed didn't even come up. I don't know why.

My shrubs, perennials and annuals are bursting forth and doing great!

Hens are great! Rooster is getting agressive.

I didn't even plant potatoes this year. By the time the ground was dry enough, I had no time for them. I wanted to do sweet potatoes too but couldn't get them to sprout in water - no time for anything else this year, anyway. Glad to hear your's turned out well, Nelda. I might be asking you for sweet potato growing advice next year.

Let's hear from everyone else too! Misjay2u?

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