Eggs sold!

runningtrailsJuly 18, 2008

I just sold my first doz eggs!! I'm so pleased!

We're selling them for $2.50/doz or 2 for .45. Walmart is selling brown eggs for $2.65/doz.

I have a long list of people who want eggs from me, when I get enough. Right now I only have a doz red sex-link hens and am getting about 8 eggs a day.

In Sept we will probably order more Ready-to-law hens from the co-op. THese were healthy and in good shape. I've had them for two weeks and it's been very hot (90F). I'm hoping to get an egg a day from all twelve when it cools some and they settle down a bit more.

We are having a lot of fun with the chickens. They are very interesting, especially to our 10 mo old shi tzu. He makes a bee-line for the chicken fence as soon as he gets out and stays glued there the entire time, just quietly watching. He does try to get in when I go through the door or the gate. I have to watch that I don't leave room for him to push it open and get in. I don't know what he'd do, maybe nothing. He's only 10 mos old and the rooster is taller than he is! lol!

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fun! chickens are fun to watch,,especially for the canines! 10 months or 10 years,,,enjoy your new eggs,it's so much fun and enjoyment.

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

Your eggs are worth far more than walmarts!
We sell ours for $3.50/doz and everyone is more than happy with that price. Taste and freshness sells! Next time you are in Walmart, look at the expiry date on the eggs, then count back 60 days and you will know when they were laid. Usually they are pretty old. We've only got 10 hens and there is a waiting list for the eggs.
Did you know that many major egg suppliers simply dye the white eggs brown so they can charge more for them? Doesn't that beat all!

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OMG what a dirty trick!

My mom says egglands best eggs are pretty fresh and I think she pays about $3.00 for them.

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vinnyc(7 LINY)

What about duck eggs? Anyone have experience selling them? They seem to be an up and coming product. My kahki campbells are excellent layers.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Ducks don't lay as well as chickens, with a lower feed to egg conversion, and they don't take as well to laying batteries, so duck eggs are limited in scope in that regard. However they are richer and many Asian restaurants use them. Based on the lower laying rate I'd suggest that you sell them for more than chicken eggs, but they might be hard to move.

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

Congratulations on selling your first eggs!

I used to have ducks and always found their shell to smell kind of musty. I just couldn't get over the scent. I used to wash them w/antibacterial soap but it only seemed to mask the smell. I used most of them for baking, I found them to work very well in this regard.


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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

My MIL always used duck eggs for baking, she said they were richer... She's a fantastic cook.

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