Duck pecking eggs

julia67July 6, 2009

We have 2 egg laying pekin ducks and for a few times there have been beak shaped cracks in the eggs. They tend to lay both eggs in the same nest. Has anyone had this problem?? Our 2 indian runner ducklings born naturally on the lake are nearly the same size as the parents, sex as yet unknown. We gave 3 pekin eggs to our french neighbour to put under her broody chicken. After around 28 days she decided to candle one and as she held it up to the light it exploded - gaseous goo all over her so she had a shower and a change of clothes and repeated the process again with the second egg and guess what??? Yes the second egg was bad too!!! The 3rd egg she left under the hen and 2 days later produced a healthy bouncing duckling who thinks its a chicken!! Its a laugh a minute here in the Dordogne France and I just thought you folks in the U S would like to share the experiences, and what with bees swarming on chimney pots and kittens found under hedges I could write a book, if I had the time that is!!

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Oh I had an entire nest of nasty eggs.I started candling the duck eggs and realized most were bad. So I had a bowl of water and set some in and they blew up in the water.THANK GOD because my kitchen would never have been th e same!.
I threw some in the garbage and started to here them blow.sounded like guns! And the smell. sulpfer???
NO--- 100 times worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I could not get the smell out of my nose for along time and felt terrible for the trash men.

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