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woco(z6 UT)July 5, 2008

I have 2 does and 1 buck. Had them both bred the same time by others bucks because mine was not old enough yet. 1 doe gave birth to 5 little bunnies and the other doe did nothing. I had the second doe bred again and still nothing. It has been 5 weeks and i noticed a lot of white milky stuff on the board in her pen. Any ideas? Is she sick? Is she sterile? or should I give her one more try to see if she can have kids? Thanks for your help.


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I would wait 2 weeks to make sure she isn't pregnant then breed again. The whitish substance sounds most likely like urine. Urine can be orangey reddish to whitish cream...I've seen it all!I'm sure she's not sick,otherwise she wouldn't be eating and would show lethargic behaviour and have diahrrea. is she definitely old enough to conceive??

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