disoriented duck

beeliz(2)July 30, 2008

My 8 week old duck has a weird symptom that came out of nowhere! We were sitting by the animals yesturday,watching and relaxing,,,then my duck suddenly started swimming in his pool all fast and clumsy..got out,and couldn't stand up,kept falling over! I was scared,so I put him in his crate for a rest period overnight,and this morning he's still clumsy but a bit better. He walks around but with trouble,,stands ok and still,but seems more clumsy when walking.. Does anyone have a clue what this could be? I'm so worried about him..please give me your input,thanks...

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well it's been over a week since his attack and he does seem a lot better now. I learned that he most likely had a stroke..bad breeding I guess.I did after all get him from a flea market and he was in bad shape at the time..

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