chicken lice....again...

beeliz(2)July 31, 2008

This is the second outbreak this summer of lice on my hens. I treated them with dri-kill dust powder and repeated it two weeks later. Seemed fine for a few weeks. Now I found more on them,not in their coop only on them.Is this going to be a normal procedure every 6 weeks to dust them? Is this because they free range and have contact with other wild birds like sparrows ect? does anyone else have a repeated lice problem...and would it keep lice off them if I kept them from free ranging and only confined them to a run??thanks

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You are most likely better off with them free ranging. Confinement will make a lice breeding ground. I would dust more often for an extended period to break up the lice breeding cycle.
If all else fails, try a drop of pour on cattle wormer on their backs. They'll get a few months of protection.There will be residue in the eggs and meat, but it isn't harmful to vertabrates so as long as you don't sell them or the eggs you're fine.

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