Update on Fletchers meet and greet

laturcotte1July 31, 2009

Well today was the day Fletcher was to have is manners with the new hens tested. It didn't fair so well the last time but they are now about 2 months old. This time Fletch was out wandering and I let the girls out so if anyone had to get away they had 6 acres to do so. He was all gentleman, scratched and pecked the ground with them seemed to be very taken with them. Then he grabbed one, pulled feathers out and she screamed. I yelled at him and he took off back to the goats yard. Am I being the over protective parent? Should I just let them out and leave them? I opened their gate and they ran inside. My plan is to open both gates tomorrow and just let nature take it's course, what do you think!!!??? What do you think that peck meant? When should i close them in with Fletcher for the night (then they have no escape in the coop)? I hate it when the kids grow up.

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They spent the day together and he pushed them around terribly, the younger one is really afraid of him the other stands up to him pretty well. Fletcher seems to be very food aggressive!

They are very secure within their enclosed yard so I ususally leave the coop door open because its so hot. Well Fletcher went in to sleep but the babies slept outside all night. I feel awful. I thought they would go in when it started to get dark. Tonight should I wait until dark and then bring them inside and put them on the perch? They were going in and out by themselves all day and at one point slept in the coop but when he went in they ran out. I feel so bad because they were wet this morning when I found them. Do you think the worse is over, I am so afraid of him hurting them. This morning when I opened his door to let him out he kind of hung by the fence then ran to the goats yard. I won't let the girls outside the coop yard until next week, I want to make sure they know their new residents. Holy Cow who would have thought this would be so exhausting, I was up at 4:30 this morning checking on them and was mortified to see them perched outside!!

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