Question about abandoned baby ducklings

tammymicheleJuly 6, 2009

Help! Last night I almost struck two baby ducklings with my car. They were wandering in the road (a busy byway). By the time I turned around and parked, I could only find one of them. I am afraid the other may have fallen down a storm drain. I had to stop traffic to get the one that was left safely out of the road. As I was doing so, a man stopped and thanked me and said that earlier there had been three of them running around. I could find no mother duck in the area and animal control refused to come out. They told me the mother was probably just out looking for food and that I should leave it in the grass. Not knowing what else to do, that is what I did. I am now thinking that was a stupid mistake. I went back to try and find it (it is a residential area...mostly lawns, no woods), but could not. Does anyone know if abandoned baby ducks would tend to stay put or continue to wander searching for their mom? Also, if the other two fell in a storm drain, is there any chance they are still just sitting there where they fell or would it be like looking for a needle in a haystack? Is it possible they just got separated from their mom and she will hear their cries and come back for them? I just cannot stand the thought that they are huddling out there somewhere slowly dying when there is maybe something I can do to save them. But I just don't know what... ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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I would go back to where you saw the one--look around,listen. I kind of doubt they are still there or, given traffic and predators, still alive. But I would go back just to know I had done what I could. If you know where the storm drain is, you could go by there. But be careful re traffic etc. Without the mom they are pretty helpless. We found 3 wooducklings a couple of years ago. Got them in a box with water, heat lamp etc and still 2 died w/in 12 hours. The third did well and hung around with the chickens.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

put this title in search there is a 50 response post not long ago on found ducklings.

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