Difference between farm & garden?

Matthias_LangJuly 6, 2014

What do you see as the difference between a farm and a garden? Is it a matter of size? Something to do with whether production is offered for sale? Related to whether it is the primary occupation of its stewards? Whether the land has legal agricultural tax and use status?

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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

A garden is for your family, whether to just give some fresh or enough to store for the winter. A farm grows plants, and animals, to sell for products. Milk, produce, plants, etc.

Even a 5 acre plot can be a farm, just limited.

My opinion, lol.


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I agree with Cheri for the most part. Farms grow food to sell. I would also think that a garden that produces a certain percentage (how about 40%?) of the total food intake per year for the individuals growing it should be considered a farm as well.

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I have a quarter-acre vegetable farm and sell at the farmers' market. The only distinction, really, is whether you sell the vegetables or not. I used to sell vegetables from my garden in the city and rented other people's gardens - that was a farm as well.

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