Keeping a single pet rooster

duckpalJuly 11, 2007

I have a small flock of Silver Gray Dorkings who I am re-homing soon. However, I am very attached to the rooster and would like to keep him as a pet. Is it possible to have a single rooster or would he be unhappy and lonely?

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ive had a rooster pet before as long as u spend alot of time with him he should be ok

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

Are you going to keep him as a house chicken? if that's your plan I'd say fine. If you are going to keep him in a coop all alone I would say no unless you have other livestock he can be with.


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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

As Sheila said...if he's outdoors, he'll get lonely. Chickens are flock animals and NEED others around, in the absence of other chickens YOU will become his flock. :)

Velvet ~:>

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Thanks for the feedback. If I kept just one hen for him would he pester her too much? Another alternative would be to put him with or near my Indian Runners.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

That's something you'd have to just try. I think one roo with a hen or two would do just fine. When I started out I had a little banty roo with my three SLW girls. He was so darned little, we thought he'd be mostly for comedy relief, but he did everything he was supposed to do just fine. :) We had no trouble with the girls being overly used at all, either. Due to two unexpected deaths, after a bit we were down to 1 roo and 1 hen, but still never had a problem.

Velvet ~:>

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I had a rooster one time that didn't want to be with the hens. He wanted to hang out with me all the time. It was pretty funny. He was a wonderful pet and I really liked him.

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That sounds like my rooster. He seems far more interested in what the humans and dogs are doing.

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I've had a pet rooster since late last fall. I named him Barn-ey Coop-er. He was always over here and was always thirsty so I had food and water for him. The rotten neighbors let their flock free-range, they were over here all the time and a fox got one flock, they were replaced, and were soon gone, then they got this lone bird. They left this Golden Rooster outside in -22 degrees, he came limping over through over 2' of snow, had severe frostbite on his comb and lost 2/3 of it, his feet were bad. I doubt he'd have made it through the night, so of course I brought him in, he immediately jumped up on my Mission Oak stand, now stacked with newspapers cut to the right size. Early in the fall, he got chased by a fox and escaped, but the 2nd time he lost all his plume except for the one 6" gray support feather. He lost the last of the black frostbite on his comb in March and it's nowhere as big as it was, his feet are fine, and his handsome tail is 3/4 grown out now. I am surprised at his vocabulary, esp when I leave the kitchen, he makes a noise like a door squeaking, from high to low. Don't know if he's imitating the squeaky door, but it's consistent when I leave the room. When I laugh, he mimics that, too, very funny. He seems to like my whistling. He has poultry feed and I give him anything natural, he loves raisins, seeds from apples and chopped apple, banana, and other fruit, and likes milk. When I put canned cat food down for my cats, he got into that big time. I don't have gravel, but I found him eating clean clay kitty litter, there are no chemicals in it but I'm not sure it's a good substitute for what he'd find outside. He needs to be out but I don't want him going back over to their place, so need to enclose him, got some fencing. They never even came over to ask about him, if they ever try to get him back, I'll report them for animal abuse. He's a handsome fella!

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my rooster is a single one he thinks im his hen in the day time if im in the house he stays at my bedroom window

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littledog(z7 OK)

One hen and a rooster will be just fine. He shouldn't bother her too much, simply because there is no competition from other males, and he won't be distracted by having other hens to tread.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

We had a pet rooster for several years. He followed me everywhere I went on the farm and seemed happy. When I was inside, he hung around our Golden Retriever, much to her chagrin. Sometimes he would be sitting in her house and she would by lying in front of it with this "oh brother!" look on her face. He loved to follow us as we divided daylilies. He was right there, ready to grab up any grubs we dug up. We had two hens at different times and he did pester them a lot. I was surprised at how intelligent he actually was. I didn't allow him on the front porch because he made such a mess. Sometimes he would slowly come up the steps; I would stick my head out the door and say "Fred!" He would grumble and go back down the steps. He knew exactly what I meant!

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i have one rooster and one hen. i think its so funny that only the rooster wants attention and only from me. usually they r the aggressive out of the two lol. at a family get together my niece said she was gonna roast the rooster over the fire and it started hissing at her it was the most funniest thing i have ever seen. to this day he dislikes her haha

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