chicken butchering, what to do with the waste?

sarahmpatJuly 23, 2010

I have just started my very first chicken for meat flock...well, my very first chicken flock. I got 18 of the frankenstein Cornish X and they are just over a week old now. They seem quite perky and social for the time being. Maybe that will change as they age. But regardless, I'm already getting nervous for butchering day. I'm going to do it myself and so have done quite a bit of research already. But one thing I'm not sure of...what will I do with all the blood, guts and feathers? I have a very small compost...but its not burly enough to handle the by-product of slaughtering 18 chickens. Any ideas? Also, any other tips or comments are greatly appreciated! I'm still learning! Thanks!

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I've usually buried it kinda deep to keep the dog from digging it up.

There are video's out there online that show new ways of butchering where you skin the carcass instead of plucking and remove the meat in quarters without ever opening up the body cavity - far superior for disease safety reasons, but you end up with meat without skin (most people's favorite part).

When I used to butcher my old retired show birds I never bothered with plucking and gutting - just open up the front and cut out the breast meat the rest of it was far to tough to be worth the trouble.

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Unless you have bears and raccoons, compost them. Mix the offal (generic term for "blood and guts and feathers") with about 3x the volume of dry wood chips and pile it in the compost pile.

Cover each layer with 6-8 inches of clean sawdust or dry leaves to control odor.

If bears or raccoons are in your area, you can bury the offal in trenches 8+ inches deep. Spread it thinly along the bottom of the trench. They won't dig unless it's stinky enough to promise them an easy feast.

As for the feathers, dry and save the big ones and make cat toys out of them. All you need is used wine corks.

Sell the Wine Cork Birds at craft fairs. They don't last long, so sell a dozen or so for $1 and you will make kitties happy.

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Hi it has been awhile since I have had time to visit here and have really missed everybody. If you know anybody that is a pig farmer, they would love to have all the guts and gore! I just got finished on July 30th butchering 30 chickens and I used an old tarp under were we bled them out and one under the feather plucker---when we were done we just rolled them up and put them in the trash and put it out for trash p/u. A friend of ours who is a pig farmer dropped off buckets for all the guts and stuff and when we were done we called him and he came right over and picked them up -------- cleaned up in a matter of just a few minutes - yeah for us------everybody happy!!!

There is a website for butchering that has pictures and everything that is really a great reference.

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Living in the country it's easy. I took all the stuff feathers etc to the far end of a pasture and in one nite not a speck left. Coyotes ate every last bit.

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beegood , i would think that would encourage them to come back for the live birds lol

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When I butcher I just peel the skin off like a jacket, cut the breast off of the rib cage and remove the leg/thigh quarters. Wings aren't worth the trouble and I don't bother with plucking or opening the cavity. I end up with two skinless leg quarters and two boneless, skinless breasts per bird.

Everything else just goes in the trash. I guess I could compost it though.

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Thomashton. do you live on the east coast? I would love your chicken waste, mmmmm

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