now I have goat questions!

msjay2u(7)July 6, 2008

Hey everyone, I finally picked up my goats last sunday and what a difference these goats are, freindly, people goats. they like to play and when they run they do this little jump in the air that is adorable.

but with all the happiness I do have some questions I am hoping you guys can help me out with.

1- these goats were bottle babies but they are 3 months old and weaned. they are fine whenever I am around but when I leave their eye sight they scream like someone is murdering them. I do not want them to be under too much stress so I sit out there with them for a long while but I can;t live out in the pasture! I try not to go out there when they scream because I don;t want them to get the idea that I will come running whenever they do that.

2- half my hotwire fence is hot and the other half is not. I walked the entire fence line and could not find a break. what in the world would cause this?

3- they like to climb on me. How can I stop this. I push them down they come back up. I am worried when they get big this will be a really bad habit.

funny I was complaining about my last goats being so antisocial and now the new goats are toooo social. LOL

Thanks for your input.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

1) You didn't ask a question, but assuming you want to know what to do just leave when you have to, the goats will get used to the idea of not having you, especially as they get a bit older. I don't see how many you have but I think that if its more than one and the enclosure is secure leaving them should be something that they will get used to in a short time.

2)Is it not hot or is it less hot? Get a multimeter and a long rod and test every few feet till you figure out whats happening.

3) Be firm until they get the idea, don't be playful just keep them from starting to climb.

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1) As brendan of bonsai said, eventually they will get used to the idea of being alone. I have a radio in my barn that i play for my bottle babies and it seems to entertain them enough to forget i am not there. Try giving them a little treat before you leave to distract them.

2) honestly, i have no idea about this one :))

3) Again, i agree with brendan of bonsai...though its hard, try not to be playful with them. you can still talk to them and love them of course, but dont encourage them. let them know that you are boss and that it isn't okay. how old are they??? babies are usually very jumpy and they should stop as they get bigger if you make sure they know its not okay.

hope this helped!!

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sorry I did not give the stats. 2 wethers, 3 months old. mini-nigerians.

yesterday I took them out and they followed me all over the yard and then I sat down in a chair and when they came up to me I sat there and rubbed their sides and under their necks for a good 20 minutes. They loved the attention. I stayed out there with them for about 2 hours. when I put them back in the pen they fell asleep and I did not hear a peep out of them for the rest of the day. I guess they were just crying for personal attention.

About the fence I said I did not have a break but that is not entirely true. I actually do have a break but it is where the tensioners are. The fence worked fine before so I am not quite sure what is happening now. can the tensioners cause one side of the fence not to get juice? It has a ceramic wheel in it so I have a jumper from one side to the other. It worked before so I am not sure what happened.

I guess my petting frenzy I went on yesterday is not going to deter them from jumping on me huh? One likes to nibble on everyones clothes too. I am going to assume this is a baby habit like allaroundgoatgirl said (them being jumpy). I never saw an adult goat jump up on anyone. I push them down everytime they do it with a firm and loud NO. I hope they eventually stop.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

The jumpers could be loose or corroding.

Adult goats are prone to eating odd things with gusto as well.

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keep in mind that goats are natural browsers and grazers, so they'll always want to taste anything they see. they can grow out of it somewhat, but there will always be instinct to nibble your clothes, fingers, etc.

good luck with the boys!!! and if you have anymore questions you know where to find me!


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Awww....they are just babies. They will outgrow the wanting to be held...and it will break your
Right now they are babies. As they get older you will become a little less important to them...just like with real kids.
Can't help with the fence question, sorry.

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backlanelady you are right. I think I am getting flattered by them wanting to be on me all the time. they are sooooo cute I just love these goats!! one kept nibbling on me and I tried to get him to nibble on the vines growing up the trees but nooooo they prefer me to the greenery. LOL

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niffer(z5 Ontario)

I raised three bottle babies. I sat with them for hours in the pasture. They would take turns jumping on and laying in my lap. They are now 3 years old and don't jump at all. I think they are just looking for the attention their mothers would give them. They are babies. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks niffer. They are just babies like you said and I think they are vying for attention. When I first come out as soon as they hear the door close they scream. Lately I have been letting them out in the yard and just sitting around for an hour or so. They nibble on my clothes and try to climb on me. I push them off when they try to climb mainly now because it is so wet out they get me filthy. When it is drier out I am going to let them climb just to see what their objective is.

Once I pet them A LOT and then run around the yard letting them chase me I put them back in the pen and they are quiet. they are actually calming down. Ricky is so funny. I go to running and he runs right with me and when I stop he stops on a dime. The other one (Fred) usually stops to nibble. Ricky is right there though and he seems to enjoy that game

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niffer(z5 Ontario)

Gotta love em! My three will still follow me anywhere. I used to take a lawn chair out. They would all three try to jump up at the same time, but whoever was first would quickly lay down and put their head on my chest. No room for the other two so down they went! I no longer take a chair out, but they all still come running, big ears a floppin'! Chicklet runs more like a deer, she bounces, and she sticks her long ears straight out...I really should send the video in to the TV show, I'm sure I'd win millions! Well, I don't know whats funnier, her, or the fact that I'm running around the pastures like a kid with my goats! The horse thinks we're nuts! Not to mention the neighbours!

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you can always post up on youtube but americas funniest pets might get you paid.

thanks for the encouragement.

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