Do chickens eat millipedes?

acer(6b western NC)July 11, 2012

We're having a millipede population explosion here, and they're driving me crazy. The bugs don't sting or carry disease, they're just EVERYWHERE this year, even getting into the house. I think last season's mild winter was part of the problem. The milliepeds have a strong odor which I believe may be partly due to simple cyanide or some other nasty part of their makeup. Will chickens help solve the problem?

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Chickens eat anything that moves,we were cleaning out chicken house once.saw a hen running ,here she caught a mouse yep ate it..

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If you can keep the building dehumidified that will help keep them away. We have them too sometimes, they stink! Now of course we have asian stinkbugs too, I would rather have the millipedes again.

Not sure if chickens will eat them, but they love to eat anything smaller than them, I just saw my one rooster eating a mole- good riddance!

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Chickens do eat anything. Certain things can kill a chicken when eaten, for example a maggot. Gives the chicken a syndrome referred to as "limp neck" and they eventually die.

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yes chickens will eat anything. if they were six feet tall we ( humans) would not be here. some people use fowl in their yards particularly ginny's to eradicate ticks and other bugs. i don,t know but can believe the maggot story as they are sterile because of an acid they are covered with

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