How to introduce chickens

dirtgirldiana1(5)July 15, 2009

A couple months back I noticed one of my chickens unable to use one of her legs. The poor thing fell over trying to run with the other hens. A few of them picked on her. I thought she broke her hip. I knew she wouldn't survive if I left her with the others. DH turned my GK's fort into a recovery pen for her. Now two months later she is healed and can walk fine. She's still little compared to the other ones.

I put her in the run with the others. I thought since they're a little over three months old they might accept her back...Wrong. One pecked her on the head and then it was on. A couple started to run at her like they were slam dancing. I snatched her up and put her back in her cage.

I know I have to re-introduce her back into the flock. I was going to put her in a little dog cage in their run so they could see her everyday. How long should I do this? Will they really accept her back?

It tore me appart watching her try to walk and constantly falling. I tried the popsicle stick on her leg. I thought about taking her to the vet...DH suggested we eat her


Now that she's recovered I don't want to get her killed.

Has anyone had luck re-introducing chickens?



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I have had some success by taking another hen out and pairing them up.Let them get used to each other and then put them both back with the flock at the same time. Put them in at night when they are all fast asleep. They are less noticable then and by doing this you are splitting up the picking between two new ladies instead of just one. I hope this helps. When/if you do this I would still caution you to keep an eye on them.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

This happens all the time when birds have been separated. I've got a technique I call 'Meet & Greets' that I use to introduce new birds or reintroduce injured/sick flock members that have been isolated to heal, it works for me:

Expect SOME pecking and posturing from the other hens at first, they have a point to prove and you can stop all of it. After a while though, she should regain her former position in the pecking order and all will be well again. Starting off with her in a cage where they can see her is a great start, though. :)

Velvet ~:>

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