Introducing Baby Mallards to my Pond

MrsBurhoeJuly 5, 2012

Hello!! I have three baby mallards that we rescued (momma duck abandoned them after an unfortunate incident with the farm tractor). They will be 2 weeks old this coming Saturday. Momma duck is one we raised last year, she flew away over the winter and returned to us this spring. Therefore, she is very familiar with us and friendly as well. Currently on the pond is momma duck and another female.

My question is twofold; one: when should we release the babies? and two: will the adult ducks attack the babies when we release them?

The babies are swimming, eating ducky chow and bugs they manage to catch...they are really getting too big to be indoors any longer. If I shouldn't release them just yet, do you think it's advisable to move them outside, maybe into the chicken coop? Well, then there's another question, will my rooster bother them? Ugh.

thanks for any help,


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Snapping turtles,large fish love baby ducks,in fact one year we had a female she had about 20 ducklings they disappeared one by one then turtle bit back end off of mom,she died.Even hawks etc get them.Ive seen it.We raised mute swans every year turtles were always there waiting for little ones.

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