mosquito relief for mini donkeys

pimerz(9)July 10, 2010

Just reading the info on the Bayer Tree & Shrub for dogs. Anyone ever use it for donkeys? We just got about 10 inches of rain and those pesky critters are fierce! I got some Permethrin 10 from TSC to use (I can sponge it on) but haven't yet. While there, I noticed that there is a spot-on for equines, but it required multipule application spots and I'm still not able to really touch Jules and her boy. So, I'm wondering if I can use the Bayer and just spot on their backs and heads?

Appreciate the help!

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Your best bet it call Bayer and ask them if it's approved for donkeys ... not just equine, donkeys specifically. They are just a bit different than horses.

The flies in my barn are brutal this year ... I haven't come up with a working solution either for my donkeys.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I would call about the fly spray too. Some donkeys are very sensitive.

I have two donkeys and every year all kinds of biting insects attack them relentlessly. Mosquito s, barn flyies, deer flies, horse flies, you name it.

I have had mine in Cashel fly masks with ears for many years now and they get a great deal of relief. I don't know if they make a mini donkey size but they definitely make masks for donkeys with long ears. If Cashel doesn't have what you want I bet if you google fly masks for mini donkeys you would find some sources. I also use leg wraps because the flies just chew on them until they bleed. The wraps I use are made by Cashel too and have velcro fittings. Make sure you get something to protect the ears.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cashel Company Fly Masks

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Found this link too. For minis only! Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Fly Masks for Mini Donkeys

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suzanne ... how would I ever get a donkey to let me put that on? looks like a great idea, but I can just see my oldest hating it.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I did not have trouble with my elder donkey wearing it. The younger one gave me a little trouble. Once they realize that the bugs are not gnawing at their ears they welcome it. I have always spent alot of time scratching inside their ears and apply SWAT to the raw areas. They love that. Also, no barn flies in their eyes making them all gooey. You really should try one. If you do, you must get the one with ears. I think the masks without ears are stupid! What good are they. Where I live the bugs are horrible. I call it the bug Mecca of the universe. The leg wraps are good to. The flies chew on those donkeys cannon bones until it is just raw meat. I take them and the masks off at night. I have to say it took a day or so for them to get used to the wraps.

Sometimes after a roll the mask needs readjusting but they handle it very well. They are definitely a great thing for my donkeys and horses. Would not be without them now.

One word of caution: During this two plus week heat wave we have been having in New Hampshire I won't put the masks on. They really sweat under them and it's not good. I wish the makers would make a lighter weight mask for this reason.

Also, with the donkey masks I have had to make adjustments. A little stitch here an there to make them fit a bit better.

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jennybog(zone 5)

That is a very cute Donkey. I am the proud owner of 2 great Mini Donkey's. Little skeeter and high five. they have really beeen a great enjoyment. I hear them braying right now. We slept in and they are hungry. People always ask me what we do with them I always say Love them.

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Great pictures suzanne ... my donks legs and chests get the worst of the bites ... not so much their heads and ears. I was looking at the link you provided and was thinking I needed to try the leg wraps.

Pretty white donk!

It's been really hot here too .. I hate this heat!

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My mini donks have the Cachel fly masks with the donkey ears...two of the three keep theirs on, the third...I gave up on her. She just doesn't like the darn thing!

However...about the legs... I don't know why the flies go after their legs, I have mini horses too, and their legs don't get chewed raw like the donkeys do, but I buy Swat ointment for them. Not only is it an ointment for any irritation that may already be there, but it's also got a fly repellent in there to keep the flies away. So, I just put it on as a preventative...smear it on their legs to keep the flies from biting them in those areas. It works! For some reason, donkeys don't like the smell of something on them (mine anyway, you put fly spray or ANYTHING on them and they roll a second later), and as soon as I put it on, they go out and roll...then covering it with a layer of dirt and dust. But it still works. I've been using the Swat as a preventative for the past two summers.


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Thanks Angie ... I'll see if I can find some Swat this weekend at the farm store.

They certainly don't like anyhting on them ... they do roll a lot. I see huge clouds of dust in the air and I know it's from them rolling.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Grulla Blue, I didn't know Cashel made mini donkey fly masks! Tha's great. I love Cashel products.

I use Swat too but it's messy. I rub it in their ears and on the legs but when they roll it's a black mess. Mine don't care for the sprays either.

Pamghatten, The leg wraps are great and it may take a few minutes for yours to get used to but they will be glad. I used the Cashel foal size but maybe they make them for minis now. Just don't wrap too tight and open them once a day to make sure nothing is going on under there.

Donkeys have much more sensitive skin than horses. That is one reason why the shed out so late. They need the hair for protection.

I think the cannon bone has such little hair that the flies take advantage of it. These are biting barn flies - a little smaller than houseflies and they bite! Even me sometimes.

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