At what age do Pilgrim geese pair off?

woodrose711July 28, 2009

I have a flock of 11, 2 1/2 month old, Pilgrim geese. There are 3 females and 8 males. I would like to cull them down to 3 pairs by this fall if possible. I know they're very young yet, but if I were to take any 5 males for slaughter, will the remaining 6 pair off in the spring, or another year later? Or should I leave all 11 together until all 3 females are paired off---is it possible that they might not like their "choices", or will they likely pair with whomever is available? Or, is it possible that they, even at their young age, "have their eye on" a potentail mate already? Since I know they mate for life, I would hate to slaughter someone's sweetie!

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It is an old wife's tale that ganders (males) will mate with only one goose (female) and for life, one gander will mate with as many as 5 of more geese (females). If they loose their mates they will take another. I would keep one gander and the three geese.

This is an old auto-sex variety of geese, they are less aggressive than most breeds of geese. They are very good parents. The geese sometimes will all lay in a single nest and one hen will brood them while the others start a second nest of their own. Sometime they will all set on one nest. They will set tight until the last egg hatches. (Some breeds of geese will leave the nest after 2-3 goslings hatch.) They are very protective of their young.

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Thank you! The wives tales are very pervasive, as I've checked many sources and got mostly the same info. One gander and three geese sounds like a good idea. I already have a favorite gander, Mr. Putt-putt. He's especially calm and friendly, the largest male, and has a nice speckling of grey. He got his name because his "peep" changed to a "putt-putt-putt" sound.

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