Either I suck, or my Hova Bator does....

mersiepoo(6)July 2, 2008

Geez, is it me or what? A few years ago I got a brand new Hova Bator incubator. I had about 50 guinea eggs in it, only 14 hatched. This year, I've tried 2 times to hatch guinea eggs, and nothing! I had monitored the temperature at least 4 times a day, rotated the eggs a minimum of 3 to 5 times a day, and got Nothing! I had made sure to disinfect the HB before I used it, and used fairly clean eggs too. I'm so bummed out, I didn't get a single bird to hatch. I'm probably going to get rid of it. I made sure to keep the temperature at 102 degrees for a still air (guinea eggs are supposed to be that high for a still air). Has anyone also had bad luck with theirs, or is it just me? I think that HB doesn't like me.

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Mersiepoo, I found with my HB especially with guinea eggs, my best hatch came when I had higher humidity than they recommended. I found when I filled both reservoirs with water and kept them that way throughout the incubation the hatch vastly improved. I think they recommend filling one reservoir until the last week or so and then filling both. I had some pretty dismal hatches until I raised the humidity level during the entire incubation. Just my opinion.


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Hi Bonnie!
That is a great idea...I think I will try it! I still have some guinea eggs around here. I didn't fill up the water reservoir that much, but I'll disinfect it and try it again, third times the charm, right? :D

Thanks for letting me know how you do it! I'll report back in about a month and let ya know what happened. :D Thanks again!

~ mersie poo :D

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also are you sure the eggs are fertilized?

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

I've had miserable hatches with my Little Giant/Miller still air incubator as well, even after I went out and bought a NEW one (the only brand available at the feed store)! But I got an improvement in my hatch rate by investing in a digital probe thermometer, a good hygrometer and a Water Weasel, as suggested by my friend Alan (a Silkie breeder who knows his stuff), here, in his article 'Incubator-How To Control It'--you'll have to go to his site and navigate using the sidebar on the left:


Also read 'Incubator Tips' on the same site. I got 13 of 50 eggs to hatch using this method, as opposed to 3 out of 47 the time before. Still a miserable hatch rate, but IMPROVED. If his info would be the same for Guinea eggs, I don't know.

I'm really starting to think that time of year has a lot to do with it, I've had a better hatch rate in the Spring than I do in Summer. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that chickens are kind of genetically pre-programmed to hatch better in the Spring, when food is more abundant...?

Next year will tell, when I set some eggs to hatch in Spring! :)

Velvet ~:>

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