Too late to plant zucchini seeds?

bustergordonJune 11, 2008

I had planted zucchini seeds back in late April/early May. Unfortunately, of all of the seeds I planted, only 1 seedling has survived what appears to be rabbits. I'd like to have more than 1 zucchini plant. Is it too late to plant more? I will be starting from seed (and I know now to start them indoors so that they can survive the rabbit onslaught).


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I don't know about Ca, but here in Kansas it probably would be. I tried it.

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opal52(z7b GA)

We can plant zucchini into late August in 7B and it will be OK. I have tried fall planting and it works OK, just did not bear as much as spring planting. 9B has a later first frost date than we do, so I think that means you should be ok planting now. I'm not sure you guys even have frost in 9B :~).

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lemonwater(Ca Zone 9/Sunset 15)

I had some problems last year with my zucchini as well. I ended up reseeding later in the season than it currently is and everything was just fine. I'm in the same zone as you, so go ahead and plant some more! You should be fine, they're quick growers.

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It's not too late. In the warm June weather they'll get up to speed faster than in May or April. If you haven't replanted yet, get out there right now!

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I've heard its actually best to plant zukes out in early July to avoid SVB damage. The later planting may turn out better.

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Thanks everyone. It was sort of devastating to see that I had lost my zukes like that, so this is good news. I'm definitely in a place that gets no frost, or if we get one, it's like a once every few years oddity...

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I can't imagine rabbits were the problem. I have rabbits that live under my deck that eat everything, but they don't go near the zukes. Anyone else had rabbits eat zukes?

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