pricing veggies

runningtrailsJuly 21, 2008

How do you decide how much to charge for veggies? I will have lots of zucchini for sale but no one wants a basket full, just one or two. How much is a med, reg sized zucchini?

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Hey, I would be OVERJOYED to be able to sell even one lousy zucchini around here! Everybody has so much of it we are reduced to leaving baskets of it on neighbors' doorsteps in the dead of night. ;->

Seriously, tho, when I do sell veggies, I usually charge just a bit more than they would pay in the store. I figure mine is all organic and locally grown, so my customers are willing to pay more for it. The "locally grown" craze has hit us big-time, thank goodness!

I think a small zucc is no longer than your hand, a medium half again as big. Personally, I'm letting some of mine grow as big as watermelons these days and feeding them to the chickens. At least my birds are overjoyed to see zucchini. DH is a trouper, too. He tells me to just keep finding new recipes on the internet and he'll keep eating it every night! (Although I could tell he wasn't terribly keen on the curried zucchini soup. I thought it was delicious!)

I'm in central Texas and my poor veggie garden is a sad, sad critter this year. Between the lack of rain, 100 degree temps every day, and mysterious absence of bees this year, the only thing that's doing real well is the squash. I haven't canned, frozen or dried a single thing yet this summer - gonna be a lean winter. I'd be interested in knowing how other people's gardens are doing. Got any tips for me? I'm already self-pollenating with a chicken feather in order to get even a few beans and cukes. Oh, yeah, and the artichokes are outstanding, too. Where do those things naturally grow; in the desert?

My electric bill is outrageous from all the watering (I'm on a well) and I'm beginning to wonder if it's a complete waste even trying to keep the garden alive at this point. I feel like I may just pump the well dry and still have nothing to show for it.

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flowersnhens(Maine 4)

Your growing Artichokes?? I believe the majority of Artichokes are grown in california. They have the perfect climate for it. I watched something about it on the Food network. I wish I could grow them. How long did it take for your artichokes to grow??? when did you plant your garden??

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I see you are trying hard not to hijack these days eh flowersnhens?

Zucchini can be hard to move, go the the grocery store and sell yours for half their price if you know whats good for you. That or get your hands on a great Zucchini bread recipe. I swear they put Zucchini in quick bread just to get rid of the damn stuff.

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lol! Hmmm...sounds like I may have planted too much zuchini! Well, I'll sell it cheap and make up mixed baskets so they have no choice.

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flowersnhens, I actually planted three little artichoke seedlings last spring as an experiment. They got real leafy over the summer, but never produced. When I let the chickens into the garden at the end of the season, they demolished the plants (they LOVE artichoke leaves). I cut what was left down to the ground and mulched it for the winter. Two survived and started growing again this spring, and they are producing like crazy.

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flowersnhens(Maine 4)

Brendan,,,Uuummm, lol...Im not sure what you mean by that??? Sorry, but was I hijacking something before?? LOL

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